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What does a GREAT personal training session look like?

Feb 15, 2023


What does a GREAT

personal training

session look like?

I have been to more than 30% of Equinox gyms (as of 2023 there are 109) and I have RARELY seen GOOD training sessions. The company is AMAZING with state-of-the-art facilities, maintenance staff and steam rooms, but the trainers are lacking in the respect of GREAT. I constantly see trainers on their phones, arms crossed, late to sessions and not looking the part. I have NUMEROUS photos to prove the mediocrity, but I'm not trying to piss off Harvey Spevak and his C-suite.

How to judge a GREAT training session?

Results take months on months to achieve. The average personal trainer at a big four corporate gym (LA Fitness, 24-Hour, Equinox & Lifetime Fitness) settle for a closing rate of 20-30% during the assessments. GREAT personal trainers close 80-80% (as we do at Show Up Fitness West Hollywood, Santa Monica and La Jolla – schedule your $100 assessment TODAY)

The following is what we grade trainers at Show Up Fitness on&

What a $250 personal training

session looks like&.

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