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How To Make An extra $15,000 As A Nutrition Coach SUF-NC

Feb 15, 2023


How To Make Money an extra

$15,000 As A Nutrition Coach


Personal trainers should have a minimum of three streams of revenue:

1- Private or small group personal training,

2- Nutritional coaching,

3- Online Programming.

At Show Up Fitness CPT we teach the 60-30-10 streams of revenue: 60% should be from stream 1, 30% from a second, and then 10% from the last. The average textbook trainer has ONLY one stream of revenue. Why do you think over 60% of the workforce quit during Covid? If you made 10k per month and suddenly you are unable to train due to lockdowns, you were screwed. If you were doing nutritional consultations and online programming, the pivot into the online space would have been seamless and you'd still be a trainer today in 2023. Unfortunately, textbooks like Precision Nutrition or NASM – CNC (certified nutrition coach) do not teach you how to be successful. Read the book HOW TO BECOME A SUCCESSFUL PERSONAL TRAINER.

In my opinion, that's why these textbook certifications are not fitness companies, they're marketing companies that don't care about your success as a trainer or nutrition coach.

If you didn't know who owns NASM, learn more about Ascend Learning HERE and Blackstone Private Market Investing HERE.

Dr. John Beradi sold Precision Nutrition for over 200m and with, that lost a lot of the quality. Think about it, how much can you really learn from only reading a textbook?

If you want to become a Tier 3+ trainer at Equinox, you need to get your PN1 (Equinox pays the $900+ for this). Recently a trainer at Equinox told me the following:

PN1 was underwhelming. They give you the basics like macros and what you should know about nutrition and motivational interviewing. I feel like 1 chapter out of the 20 or so is decent. Equinox Personal Trainer 2023.

Now that you have some insights into the fitness industry and its offerings for nutrition courses, let's help you generate revenue as a nutrition coach.

How to make money as a nutrition coach

The average trainer at Equinox, Lifetime Fitness, and/or independent contractor INCLUDES the nutrition part of their training services- DO NOT DO THIS. Instead, you need to communicate with your client that your nutrition services cost an extra $100-500/ month which include: weekly zoom calls reviewing the fundamentals of nutrition, macro calculations, and behavior change. These services will not begin until your client has committed to and has successfully trained with you for a minimum of three sessions per week: 12 sessions for the month. They will not gain access to in-depth nutrition information until they are CONSISTENT with their workouts.

As you will learn within the TDEE equation (total daily energy expenditure) it's all about calories IN vs calories OUT. As we discuss within the Body Mass Equation, there is A LOT that goes into fat loss and/or muscle gain – years of misinformation to untangle. It's much easier to focus on the lowest-hanging fruit: training consistently, eating more fruit & veggies, more protein, and drinking water. That's what our clients need to focus on for the first month before they get into nutrition coaching.

Once they have shown consistency, they are allowed access to the nutrition education that you provide, at a cost. You can offer the first class for a cup of coffee (or bottle of whiskey) as they're usually $50 per drop in 60-min zoom call. Listen to what this SUF-CPT has to say about his current book of business (13 clients) and if he were to offer nutritional coaching for $100 per month,

“100% of them would do it.” That's an extra $13,000 per month, $15,600 per year

How to become a Show Up Fitness Nutrition Coach (SUF-NC.)

You can save yourself hundreds of dollars and learn how to become a nutrition coach from Show Up Fitness with access to weekly calls from Chris Hitchko & Melanie Sulaver (registered dietitian) teaching you the fundamentals of the nutrients (macros & micros), body recomposition, how to put on muscle, sports performance, how to network with dietitians and create streams of revenue through nutritional coaching. Our two-month program to become a nutrition coach is $100/ month with LIVE calls that are recorded and put on-demand within the Show Up Fitness APP. Calls are Tuesday and Thursday 11 am pst.

The next course begins on April 10th. Comment below on how we can help you with your nutrition journey.

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