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Show Up Fitness is a 1 on 1 personal training gym in West Hollywood, Santa Monica, and Dublin CA. All Show Up Fitness personal trainers are well versed in: Anatomy, Physiology, Kinesiology, Bio-mechanics, and Nutrition. At Show Up Fitness, you’ll work with educated, fun, and experienced personal trainers who'll tailor a program specifically for you. If you're looking for the BEST PERSONAL TRAINER'S IN SANTA MONICA, WEST HOLLYWOOD OR SAN DIEGO, you come to the right gym, now it's your time to SHOW UP!

If you want to become a trainer, our 4-month personal training programs in Los Angeles (West Hollywood) & San Diego (La Jolla) are better than any certification. Seeking certifications like NASM/ACSM/NSCA or ACE are overrated and only taking your money. How can you expect to learn movement from a textbook? Show Up Fitness Personal Training Internship is more reasonable than any personal training school (NPTI - National Personal Training Institute OR AFNA- American Fitness & Nutrition Association), allow for your to train clients while in class, and teach you how to become a successful personal trainer.