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What a $250 training session looks like

Feb 16, 2023


What a $250 training

session looks like

If you're trainer at the West Hollywood or San Diego personal training internship studying to get your SUF-CPT, you'll have to shadow personal training sessions from experienced trainers. Here's an example of a class in West Hollywood where Chris takes a student through a FULL BODY workout. Using the evaluation sheet below, how did Chris do? How can you become better as a personal trainer? The average textbook trainer has NEVER been trained or had a training session observed. If you want to standout in the “saturated” personal training market, be different! You need to get trained (hire a trainer), have your training sessions observed – supervised experience is what'll help you become an ELITE trainer.

When you understand how to program using the Core, Core, Accessory, your life as a personal trainer becomes much, much, easier. Here is the Show Up fitness evaluation sheet.

If you want to become a SUCCESSFUL personal trainer, READ THE BOOK HERE.

Want to become a personal trainer in Los Angeles or San Diego?

Show Up Fitness has a 2-month personal training internship program where you gain hands on experience. If you can't make it to LA or SD, the classes are LIVE and recorded on-demand within the Show Up Fitness APP.

Become a QUALIFIED personal trainer TODAY for only $100/ month.

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