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Hip Anatomy: Vastus Medialis

Jul 01, 2020


MUSCLE OF THE DAY: Vastus Medialis

The word ““quad” in latin comes from the meaning of “Four / Fourth”. Along with the Vastus Lateralis, Vastus Intermedius, and Rectus Femoris, these 4-muscles comprise the QUADRICEPS. Technically a KNEE muscle and not part of the 40-muscles around the hip due to the origin on the femur. The Vastus Medialis can always be called by bros in the gym, “Tear Drop” and/or in the NASM world “VMO = Vastus Medialis Oblique”

The Vastus Medialis is one of the 4-qiuadriceps muscles. It is also referred to as the tear drop and/or VMO in the NASM world. If you want to learn this and much more, Show Up Fitness Internship is the way to go.

Origin: Medial lip of linea aspera & intertrochanteric line of femur

Insertion: Patella & tibial tuberosity via patellar ligament

Actions: Knee Extension

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Common injuries to the quadriceps Jumpers Knee!

Learn how to fix this from our partners The Prehab Guys HOW DO YOU FIX PATELLA TENDON PAIN?

The most investigated intervention is exercise!

First, load modification is used with the goal of reducing pain. What do I mean? If playing soccer is your trigger to pain, at a minimum you should reduce the volume or intensity at which you are stressing that tendon. Likely you will just take time off of the trigger for a short period of time. While you are temporarily taking a break from your sport, you will begin a progressive loading program. Some pain is acceptable during or after exercise, however, symptoms should resolve quickly and should NOT worsen over the course of the loading program. Actually, loading often makes tendon pain feel better! This is known as the “warm-up effect.”


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