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Hip Anatomy: Vastus Lateralis

Jun 26, 2020


MUSCLE OF THE DAY: Vastus Lateralis

The word ““quad” in latin comes from the meaning of “Four / Fourth”. Along with the Vastus Medialis, Vastus Intermedius, and Rectus Femoris, these 4-muscles comprise the QUADRICEPS. Technically a KNEE muscle and not part of the 40-muscles around the hip due to the origin on the femur. The next time you catch a trainer or client saying they're foam rolling their “ITB” band, educate them by explaining the area of discomfort is actually the vastus lateralis (the second largest muscle of the lower body, behind the gluteus maximus).

The Lateral lip of linea aspera & lateral surface of greater trochanter is where the Vastus Lateralis originates. Learn all this and more at Show Up Fitness Internship. Classes begin every month and you'll become certified while training clients&

Origin: Lateral lip of linea aspera & lateral surface of greater trochanter

Insertion: Patella & tibial tuberosity via patellar ligament

Actions: Knee Extension


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Lateral Knee Pain? [IT Band

Here are a couple locations you can roll out for IT Band syndrome:

1. Gluteus Maximus (The figure 4 stretch is a bit more aggressive for this one)
2. TFL (Come just under the iliac crest)
3. Vastus Lateralis (Come just in front of the IT band for this one)
The cause of this issue often times comes for poor glute muscle function. We would recommend following these mobilizations up with some glute work. Continue to swipe to find some other exercise you can

Level 1:Clams
Using elevation under the feet allows you to move through more range of motion of hip rotation. Elevating your feet increases the amount of internal rotation when you begin the movement.
Level 2: Semi-Prone Knee Lift
Flex your elevated hip (left hip shown in this video) to about 90 degrees.
Make sure to rotate towards the table so that your elevated hip is ANTERIOR to the hip that is in contact with the table. The closer you are to your end range, the more challenging this exercise will be.
Elevate your leg by initiating from the core and then the hip. Avoid lifting from your foot, as this will actually put your hip into relative internal rotation.
Level 3: Prone Knee Lift
First, make sure you have adequate range of motion to get into the starting position.
If tightness is limiting you for Level 2 or 3 exercises, stretch your adductors/groin and re-attempt the exercise.
On the final post will be closed chain exercise progressions:
Level 1: Side bridge/Modified Sideplank
Level 2: Side bridge/Modified Sideplank + Clam (you have the option of adding a resistance band)
Level 3: Side bridge/Modified Sideplank + Clam + Opposite knee floor touch
Level 3 is a burner! Focus on rotating your pelvis as well as this will ensure you recruit your hip external rotators. This movement is all about control, so make sure to move very slowly while performing it. .
Tag a friend that needs to level up their glutes!
Citation: Boren et al 2011. Electromyographic Analysis of Gluteus Medius and Maximus During Rehabilitation Exercises
Citation: Hip abductor strength and lower extremity running related injury in distance runners: A systematic review. By: Mucha et al. 2017.


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