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Hip Anatomy: Vastus Intermedius

Jul 01, 2020


MUSCLE OF THE DAY: Vastus Intermedius

The word ““quad” in latin comes from the meaning of “Four / Fourth”. Along with the Vastus Lateralis, Vastus Medialis, and Rectus Femoris, these 4-muscles comprise the QUADRICEPS. Technically a KNEE muscle and not part of the 40-muscles around the hip due to the origin on the femur. The Vastus Intermedius is the deepest of the 4-quad muscles and is deep to the Rectus Femoris.

The quads consist of 4-muscles. The three vastus muscles (medialis, intermedius, and lateralis) and the rectus femoris.

Origin: Anterior & lateral side of femoral shaft

Insertion: Patella & tibial tuberosity via patellar ligament

Actions: Knee Extension

Common injuries to the quadriceps& Runners Knee!

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“A marathon runner takes an average of 25,000 steps during a race1.” You can only imagine how much total load is imparted on the body! “Often, it is the number of repetitions that is responsible for the development of an injury. Four of the most common clinical entities are anterior knee pain, iliotibial-band syndrome, Achilles tendinopathy, and plantar-fasciitis1.”


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