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Core Anatomy - Quadratus Lumborum

Jun 24, 2020


MUSCLE OF THE DAY: Quadratus Lumborum aka QL

The word ““quad” in latin comes from the meaning of “Four / Fourth”. Along with the Quadriceps & Quadratus Femoris, the Quadratus Lumborum is shaped like a quadrilateral and comes off the lumbar region of the spine.

The Quadratus Lumborum aka QL is a core muscle, but technically part of the hip due to the origin into the Iliac crest of of the ilium. Learn this and MUCH MUCH more at Show Up Fitness Internship

Origin: Iliac Crest of Ilium

Insertion: 12-th rib, transverse processes 1-4 lumbar vertebrae

Action: Lateral flexion, Elevation of pelvis ipsilaterally aka “Hip Hike”

The Quadratus Lumborum aka QL can be strengthened via uni-lateral movements. Show Up Fitness Internship Where Great Trainers Are Made

EXERCISES FOR THE QUADRATUS LUMBORUM (from our friends at The Prehab Guys).


Quadratus Lumborum aka the QL originates on the posterior iliac crest and inserts on the medial half of the 12th rib & transverse process of the lumbar spine. It's action = laterally flex and extend the lumbar spine as well as assisting with inspiration (particularly to help stabilize the last rib and diaphragm). So how do we stretch it? Doing the exact opposite! . Here is how to perform this exercise: -While laying sideways on a swiss ball flex your hip as far as you can while maintaining stability on the swiss ball (this can be tricky) -Reach the top arm overhead and down towards the floor -Make sure to EXHALE as you reach down -The larger the swiss ball the more aggressive you can be with this stretch. Note- If your lat's are the only area in which you feel this stretch than you can place your hand around your neck and reach towards the floor leading with your elbow. One may think, if you only feel it in your lat's maybe you lat's are actually your restrictoin hmm. . As you can see through before and after clips this stretch helped with this Arash's side bend here! Key- After you stretch the QL, it is recommended to follow this up with core exercises to help stabilize appropriately!


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