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How to pass NASM CPT in 2024: Do's & Don'ts

Mar 16, 2024


It’s 2024 and people still think a textbook is going to help you become a personal trainer. How can we expect studying a textbook will set us up for success in a career where we work with people and use our hands? If you haven’t read the book How to Become A Successful Personal Trainer, start here.

If you can’t get a refund for your NASM CPT or bundle (days to get a refund), Show Up Fitness Level 0 will help you pass NASM or any textbook certification within 28 days. After you pass, level up with Show Up Fitness to learn anatomy and programming, how to get hired at the most elite gyms (which Show Up Fitness CPT has partnered with), and how to develop revenue streams. Level 1 SUF-CPT will help you become a successful personal trainer! 

But you’re not concerned about becoming a successful personal trainer RIGHT NOW; you just need to pass NASM ASAP! Let Show Up Fitness help you focus on the main points to pass the NASM CPT as we’ve helped over 4,500 people pass.  

  • DO NOT read the textbook cover to cover. It’s over 800 pages, and the test will not quiz you on the entire textbook. You need to focus on the big blocks.
  • DO NOT take other quizzes or study guides. NASM online portal doesn’t set you up to pass the test; it’s quizzing you on the 800 pages. 
  • DO NOT skim over chapters 1-2, 6-10, or 15-20. The test will ask you only a few questions, so don’t worry about them.
  • DO NOT waste more than 30 days studying. Time is money, and the longer you delay gaining hands-on experience and proper supervision, the greater your chances of failure. We have helped people pass in 3 days.

So now that we're done with all these DON'TS let's hop into the DO's!

  • DO get the SUF-Level 0, which includes the study guide (a $199 value), quizzes (a $60 value), weekly live calls with an instructor, on-demand calls (over 10 hours), and a NASM cheat sheet.
  • DO memorize the following muscles:Muscles to Learn
  • DO know everything about the overhead squat analysis (OHSA) and the OPT model which can be summarized here:SUF NASM Cheat Sheet

Want to get the full CHEAT SHEET FOR FREE?

Listen to the Show Up Fitness Podcast and leave us a 5-star rating with a screen shot sent to our Instagram OR email to

If podcasts aren't your thing, watch the entire YouTube video on how you can PASS NASM CPT in 2024 within 30-days and then LEVEL up your personal training career with the BEST personal training certification Show Up Fitness CPT and the Level 1 course




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