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Muscle of the Week: The Soleus Calf Muscle

Mar 18, 2024


The soleus is one of the seven calf muscles that you need to know to pass your Level 1 SUF-CPT, along with the Gastrocnemius, Anterior & Posterior Tibialis, and the three peroneal muscles (Brevis, Longus, and Tertius used interchangeably with the fibularis muscles.)

The soleus is a posterior calf muscle deep to the superior and much sexier gastrocnemius muscle..


The origin, insertion, and action can be seen below:

Common injuries are associated with too much volume (sedentary to running 10+ miles per week) and/or increasing volume too fast (10 miles one week, 25 miles the next), which affects tissue capacity and results in posterior ankle pain, typically at the Achilles. For more information about ankle injuries, go to our partner's website, The PreHab Guys.

Watch THIS video on YOU TUBE to learn everything about the Soleus.



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*A survey of personal training managers at the Big 4 personal training gyms overseeing over 15,000 personal trainers found that 90% quit within 12-months in the USA, 90% quit within 18-months in the UK.

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