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How to pass ACE CPT in 2024

Jun 02, 2024


Did you know that 90% of textbook trainers quit within 12-months? Don't believe me? Just listen to this podcast. 
ACE CPT is a great Level 0 personal training certification to help you get a job at a gym like LA Fitness, 24-hour, F45, and/or YMCA. If you want to become a QUALIFIED Level 1 personal trainer, you need to have a BS in Kinesiology, internship, shadow a DPT, attend a hands on weekend seminar or take your CPT in front of a panel of fitness professionals.
If you cannot get a refund for your textbook certification, the goal is to pass your textbook certification ASAP. Show Up Fitness has helped over 5,000 trainers pass their ACE, NASM, and ISSA Level 0 certifications.
Here is what you need to focus on to pass the ACE CPT within 30-days:
  • 5-core movement patterns: Bend and lift (squat pattern), Single Leg (lunge), Push, Pull, and rotational. Know the agonist, synergist, antagonist and planes of motion.
  • Overactive & under-active muscles. Tight vs Lengthened and where they are on the human body.
  • Overhead Squat Assessment and the 5-deviations / compensations.
  • ACSM risk stratifications. Low vs. Moderate vs. High risk.
  • Assessment: SOAP / OARS and stages of change.
  • Exercises: Chapter 11 photos w/ regressions, progressions and optimal form.
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