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How to pass NASM-CPT in 30-days | Top 20 Acronyms 2023 7th edition

Mar 02, 2023


How to pass NASM-CPT

in 30-days 2023

Top 20 Acronyms



By Meagan Harbison, Act7ve;

DID YOU HEAR THE NEWS? Show Up Fitness is now offering DAILY CALLS (M-F) to help you pass your NASM-CPT within 30-days ($100 gets you access to the SUF NASM Study Guide and 20 calls per month.) If you CANNOT get a refund within 28-days (NASM REFUND HERE) we can help you focus on the main chapters and terms that you will need to know in order to pass ASAP.

Did you know that the NASM CPT passing rate is 65 percent (PT Pioneer has some stats HERE, but their guide isn't as good as ours nor do they offer DAILY LIVE CALLS) Meaning 35% will fail. Don't worry if you fail, as the test itself has very little (if anything) to do with actually testing your capabilities as a personal trainer, but more so with seeing how well you do with standardized testing. And even more so just because you pass doesn't mean you're ready to train, just that you were able to get at least a 70% on a multiple-choice test. I'm telling you this because I took the test and passed it in under a WEEK by ONLY using our study guide (which is updated & far better now). As a trainer, director of CPTs, and teacher of trainers, I'll let you know that passing this test won't make you feel confident training others. And unfortunately might hurt your career as people who get certified through textbook CPTs are most likely to quit within a year of training.

If you are outside of the 28-day window to get a refund or the gym you are trying to get hired at only accepts NASM CPTs, don't worry we got you. Our Show Up Fitness study guide has helped over 3,200 people pass NASM! If you are looking to become a qualified trainer who is confident training others then you'll want to get the best fitness certification out there, the Show Up Fitness CPT MONEY-BACK GUARANTEED! That's right if you feel like you didn't learn more during our course than reading your textbook we'll give you your money back! So really there's no excuse not to SHOW UP!

Studying for the NASM CPT by yourself can seem daunting. With no clear direction and trying to read a 700+ pg textbook, it might seem like you'll never pass this thing. The good news is that you don't have to do this alone! Our guide & zoom calls help you focus on the key concepts to pass, so you don't have to waste time studying concepts you probably aren’t going to see on the test. We've had people come to us after studying by themselves for over 6 months freaking out they'll fail because they haven’t retained any information and have no idea what to study. That's why our biggest advice to those of you studying is, DON'T READ THE 7TH EDITION TEXTBOOK! Doing so will just be an information overload, leaving you confused and increasing your chances of failing. Save yourself time, money, and stress when you ditch the book and get our guide! Our guide focuses on the MAIN topics so you'll feel confident passing this thing ASAP!


Once again there's no need in reading the textbook! Our study guide and zoom calls are the KEY to passing! It comes with breakdowns of each chapter including charts, tables, key terms & example test questions. The most important topics you'll need to know to pass are; the OPT Model & all of its acute variables within the resistance, overactive / underactive muscles, how to assess a client, and the stages of change. We've helped over 3,200 people pass and we can help you too!

TOP 20-acronyms to pass

NASM in 2023:

1- OHSA – OverHead Squat Assessment. Movement screen NASM loves to perform to scare your clients into thinking they have imbalances which will ultimately kill them. Make sure the shoes are off and you have them complete 20-reps 5-from each angle (anterior, lateral x2, and posterior.)

2- LPHC – Lumbo-Pelvic Hip Complex – Head, Neck, Knees, Feet, and

3- TVA – Transverse Abdominals. Deep core (Underactive muscle)

4- TFL – Tensor Fascia Latta – Lateral thigh muscle that needs to be foam rolled because it's tight.

5- SMR – Self Myofascial Release – FOAM ROLL OR DIE. 20-30 seconds. All phase of the OPT model require a 5-10 minute warm-up and cool-down which include foam rolling (static stretching is in phase 1, active-isolate in phases 2-4 and dynamic in phase 5.)

6- PAR-Q Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire.

7- SMART – Specific Measurable Attainable Relisitic and Timely – Watch ACT7VE youtube here on SMART GOALS HERE

8- SWOT – Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.

9- BMI – Body Mass Index. Normal 18.5-24.9, Overweight 29.9, 30+ is obese

10- RHR – Resting Heart Rate. Check heart rate at the radial pulse.

11- VT1 – Ventilatory Threshold, fat, aerobic, talk test.

12- VT2 – Ventilatory Threshold, carbs, anaerobic.

13- SA Node – SinoAtrial Node. Electrical impulse governor of the heart in the ventricles (inferior chambers of the heart.)

14- HRR – Heart Rate Reserve. Karnoven Method know this equation&HRmax – HR rest) x Desired intensity. A regression equation to predict HRmax is 208 – 0.7 x age in healthy adults.

15- PHA – Peripheral Heart Action – a lower body exercise into a upper. Great for clients who have high blood pressure referred to as hypertension (140/90)

16- AMDR – Acceptable Macronutrient Distribution Range. Know the carbs are 45-65%, fat 20-35% (no more than 10% being saturated, protein 10-35%.) If you want to become a QUALIFIED Nutrition Coach, Precision Nutrition calls themselves the “Gold Standard” for nutrition certifications, yet it's a big ass textbook without access to a Registered Dietitian. Show Up Fitness Nutrition Coach (SUF-NC) has weekly LIVE and Recorded calls on-demand within our app with access to our SUF team RD Mel. If want to reserve a seat in the next Level 2 SUF-NC course, email us here:

17- FITTE – VP – Frequency, Intensity, Time, Type, Enjoyment, Volume, Progression. These are within the acute variables that you will be tested on I.e. 4-2-1-1 is the tempo in phase 1 of the OPT model and Stabilization. 4 = eccentric, 2= isometric, 1- concentric and the last 1- isometric.

18 – GAS – General Adaptation Syndrome. Alarm, Resistance and exhaustion. These are referencing responses to stress and the endocrine system.

19 – DOMS – Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness. 24-48 hours of delayed soreness.

20- CEU's – Continuing Education Units. You need 2.0 units every 2-years. .1 ceu's from CPR/AED 1.9 ceu's from seminars or online courses like we offer at Show Up Fitness with our online CPT, in-person internship and weekend seminars.

We also offer weekly live zoom calls EVERY WEEKDAY (sign up here to get access to the SUF study guide and 5 NASM calls per week.) They are all recorded and uploaded on demand within the Show Up Fitness APP, so if you are unable to attend you can watch them later at your convenience. The calls are great because you can ask questions and get feedback from instructors who will be quizzing you to see if you're ready to take the test. You even can purchase 1-1 sessions with instructors if desired.


1. Don't read the textbook L If you feel like you have to, go off of the very minimal suggestions we have in the study guide, but know it's a waste of time, we don't recommend it and we've helped people pass in as little as 3 days without reading a single page of the textbook!

2. Don't compare other study guides (fitness mentors, trainer academy, Sorta Healthy or the Facebook group with Mark who hates Show Up Fitness because we help trainers become successful.) They haven't helped over 3,000+ people pass and suggest that you read the NASM 7th edition textbooks – DON'T do that.

3. Don't take any quizzes on the NASM website. We've had people who never get above a 50 on their quizzes, but pass easily, and others pass all the quizzes but fail the actual CPT. Their quizzes are not a good indicator if you'll pass, they contain too much information that you won't even see on the test. FOCUS ON THE SHOW-UP GUIDE AND YOU WILL PASS. And if you want quizzes that will prepare you to pass, get our extra quiz bundle that comes with 180 example quiz questions.

Once you pass, reach out to start the process of becoming a successful personal trainer via Show Up Fitness CPT. Instead of reading a textbook, you'll get access to LIVE calls and successful personal trainers. We focus on anatomy, programming, and growing a book of business. And if you feel like you learned more during your textbook CPT, than you did ours we'll give you your money back GUARANTEE!

The most common feedback we get from those we've helped pass is that they don't know how to properly program & they don't feel confident training others. And to be fair how could you? It's a 120 multiple choice test (20 questions not counted towards your grade) written by an English professor testing your test skills rather than your ability to program & train others. Our SUF-CPT internship course provides you with all the tools necessary to feel confident training others and make this a long-lasting career! Learning anatomy, programming, proper form/spotting, business/sales, assessments, nutrition and sooooo much more! We've helped trainers get hired at Equinox, Crunch, and Lifetime Fitness with our SUF-CPT. We're in the process of getting accredited through the NCCA – it takes $16,000 & a 120-page application to be submitted – it takes time! We can help you with your resume and interview skills to get hired anywhere you want to go. It all begins by SHOWING UP!

If you want to become a trainer in person in San Diego with me, shoot me an email

If you want to become a trainer with me online, sign up here&

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