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The Best Hip mobility drills w/ the PreHab Guys APP

Mar 09, 2023


The BEST hip mobility


w/ PreHab Guys APP

You've probably heard of the 90-90 hip mobility drill or shin box, but what about Isometric supine hip adduction? Half Kneeling Anterior Hip Mobilization w/ a band? Do you REALLY know how to perform the cat cow mobility drill? Show Up Fitness has partnered with The Prehab Guys to help trainers level up their education with access to over 3,000 corrective exercises within their app and exercise library. Additionally, SUF-CPT's who have their APP get access to one LIVE call with one The Prehab Guys (Mike, Arash and/or Craig.)

The following is a LIVE class from the two-month personal training internship with Chris teaching Show Up Fitness CPT's how to regress and progress the Hip 90-90 / shin-box hip mobility drill. Here's a great article from Men's Health on the difference between Mobility and Flexibility.

Half Kneeling Anterior Hip Mobilization w/ Band

Grab a thick mobilization band and anchor the band waist height. Place your leg inside the band and put the band as high as you can – right next to the fun zone. Tuck your tail bone (posterior pelvic tilt) which will amplify the stretch and drive the hip forward. This will help improve hip extension and you will feel a stretch on the front side of the hip. Dynamic movement will help optimize this stretch.

Cat Cow Full Spine Mobility Drill

Cat Cow Camel – whatever the heck you want to call it. Begin on your hands and knees (quadruped position). Tuck your tail between your legs and look down. Try to put your tail as high as you can while arching your neck. Dynamically flow through the two extreme ranges of motion that you are taking your spine through (global extension and global flexion.)

Isometric Supine Hip Adduction

Use a foam roller or yoga block (probably the best option) and lay on your back (supine position.) You can change the placement of the block to vary the tension. Squeeze the block as hard as you can for 5-10 seconds and then relax. You can take this one step further to incorporate a PNF stretch by using your hands to abduct to create an intense groin stretch.

How to become a SUCCESSFUL

personal trainer

Show Up Fitness has recently partnership with Doctor's of Physical Therapy from USC and much respected strength coaches, The Prehab Guys (TPG). A common theme amongst newer personal trainers is to seek certification after certification, speciality after specialty without truly learning the WHY behind the pieces of paper. Not at Show Up Fitness. We're tackling the largest problem within the fitness industry which is 90% of textbook personal trainers quit within 12-months of their first certification. The SUF-CPT is a two month in-person or online personal training program teaching trainers how to be QUALIFIED fitness professionals. After two months and you've tested for your SUF-CPT (HOW TO BECOME A SUF-CPT), Level 2 consists of two-month nutrition coach SUF-NC (better than NASM-CNC or Precision Nutrition), Mentorship Program (SUF-MP), and a online coach SUF-OC. Level 3 helps trainers become strength coaches SUF-CSCS and Level 4 is currently being developed with the Prehab Guys SUF-PreHab.

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