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What is Scapular Winging & how to fix it w/ The Prehab Guys

Feb 22, 2023


Article Written by Travis Carney with video from our partners The Prehab Guys.

A lot of people can be very liberal with the term “scapular winging” what it means and how it is interpreted by your client. It is a legit medical diagnosis technically referred to as scapular dyskinesia (read more about scapular wining from our partners TPG The Prehab Guys HERE.)

What is scapular winging?

A general description is a neurological condition where the Long Thoracic Nerve isn't doing it's job of innervating the Serratus Anterior (boxers muscle who's main action is to maintain the shoulder blade on the ribcage.) You may think “well that’s easy just turn on the serratus.” Unfortunately that would seem like the most logical thing to do, but it's more complicated than that.

Most of our clients have healthy thoracic nerves, they probably just lack the tension and motor control in their movement. This is one of the fundamental principles that we teach at Show Up Fitness to become a certified personal trainer (SUF-CPT) – MOVEMENT COMPETENCY (become a qualified personal trainer for only $100/ month HERE.)

Serratus Anterior OIA (origin, Insertion & Actions)

The Serratus Anterior originates at the 1st – 8/9th rib and inserts at the anterior surface of the medial border of the scapula. The actions are: upward rotation & protraction of the scapula, but as I mentioned earlier, the main goal is to stabilize the scaps on the ribcage.

Now when was the last time you did all three of these actions consciously? As you can see, it's not that easy so what we want to show you is how to create mechanical tension with your protraction/ upward rotation of the scapula.

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