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17-Muscles of the Scapula | Musculoskeletal Anatomy

Apr 02, 2022


17-Muscles of the Scapula | Musculoskeletal Anatomy

Did you know there are 17-muscles that attach to the scapula? In today's article we will go over the 17-muscles of the scapula, discuss a few that didn't make the list and review musculoskeletal anatomy.

Let's begin with the anatomy of the scapula aka Shoulder Blade.

There are 17-muscles that originate and insert into this bone that connects the humerus and the rib cage via the glenohumeral joint. You might be a LITTLE surprised by the following list if you are a Level 1 Coach with Show Up Fitness:

1 Supraspinatus 2 Infraspinatus 3 Teres minor 4 Subscapularis 5 Teres Major 6 Rhomboid Major 7 Rhomboid Minor 8 Pectoralis Minor 9 Deltoid 10 Trapezius 11 Biceps Brachii (Long Head) 12 Triceps Brachii (Long Head) 13 Latissimus Dorsi 14 Coracobrachialis 15 Serratus Anterior 16 Levator Scapulae 17 OMOHYOID

The way we teach interns to memorize the 17-muscles is by starting with the rotator cuff muscles and the acronym SITS, then do the majors & minors, next the BRO muscles that you'd train in the gym (muscles you can palpate) and finish with the 3 muscles you've probably never heard of before.

Number 17 may have turned your head and thought, “WHERE IS MY BFF the Pectoralis Major?” This is why level 1 coaches have a strong foundation in functional anatomy and movement because The Pec Major originates on the medial 1/2 of clavicle and inserts into the Lateral lip of the intertubercular of the humerus (bicipital groove), NOT ON THE SCAPULA. Notice the name of this article is 17-muscles OF THE SCAPULA and NOT the 17-muscles of the shoulder (YOU CAN READ THAT ARTICLE HERE.)

Mr. Omohyoid Muscle

The Omohyoid originates on the superior border of the scapula and inserts into the hyoid bone. It's action assists in swallowing, NOTHING in shoulder movement. This is why we call it the 17-muscles OF THE SHOULDER and include the pectoralis major and not the omohyoid muscle part of the 17-muscles of the shoulder to become a LEVEL 1 COACH.

Other Contenders to be part of the 17-muscles of the shoulder?

1. Subclavius

2. Sternocleidomastoid

The prefix “SUB” means “under, below, beneath” the clavicle and does not interface with the scapula nor does the sternocleidomastoid. The masseter muscle is one of the strongest muscles of the human body which lies on top of the mastoid process of the mandible (jawbone).

Instead of asking, “Do I need to know the 17-muscles of the shoulder?” A better question would be “Does the average trainer know the 17-muscles of the shoulder?” I wonder what percentage of trainers who quit know the 17-muscles around the shoulder? My bet would be less than .01%. If you want to become an elite personal trainer, Show Up Fitness Level 1 Coach will help elevate your confidence and knowledge to a level superior to any certified personal trainer. Don't chase certifications, seek knowledge to become qualified and understand movement which will better help your clients.

Written by: Chris Hitchko your favorite trainer with a BELT BUCKLE

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