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Pass the NASM CPT Exam in 30-days

Oct 05, 2022


How to Pass NASM

in 30-days

Someone has a passion for fitness and wants to help other people- YEEHAW! It's time to pass your NASM CPT test within 30-days! First things first, NASM.ORG is one of the largest marketing companies in the world owned by Blackstone Group (owner of Ascend Learning) so if you were tricked into thinking that the NASM-BUNDLE was a great deal, THINK AGAIN! Great trainers are called exactly that, TRAINERS – there is no amount of acronyms that you could put in your IG BIO to make you qualified – Bill Bob Hunko NASM, ACE, NASM ACE, ISSA, NCSF, CES, NASM WLS, PN1 – this cries insecurity and looks silly. Use the following to help you pass the NASM CPT within 30-days.

Show Up Fitness has helped over 3,000 people pass NASM 6th & 7th edition CPT. Chris Hitchko taught at NPTI which used the material and after helping numerous students pass the 4th & 5th edition, he decided to create THE STUDY GUIDE which has a 99% passing rate.

1. Purchase the BASIC CPT (If you got a BUNDLE, get a refund w/ in 28-days, not worth it in our opinion.)

2. Purchase THE GUIDE & Weekly Zoom calls to pass NASM in 30-days (Show Up Fitness has a 99% pass rate; NASM 65% passing rate.) – When you SIGN UP for the ONLINE internship, you get the ROAD MAP TO PASS NASM CHEAT SHEET (AT THE END!!!)

3. Read the Show Up Fitness Guide DAILY. READ THAT AGAIN& READ THE GUIDE DAILY!!!

4. DO NOT READ THE NASM-CPT 7th EDITION TEXTBOOK. Why waste hours / months studying 800+ pages of outdated information? Why have all of the pages needed to pass NASM within a few weeks on our weekly zoom calls as seen below.

5. DO NOT TAKE THE NASM QUIZZES – System overload results in a HIGHER FAIL RATE. If you want to pass NASM, focus on the guide.

6. THE NIGHT BEFORE THE NASM-CPT. Order How to Become A Successful Personal Trainer to start the process to becoming a QUALIFIED TRAINER. Get 7-8 HOURS, DO NOT CRAM.

7. Take the NASM-CPT & PASS. Tag @ShowUpFitness & @Act7ve

8. Sign Up for Show Up Fitness Level 1 Internship to get help with resume, interviews, anatomy, programming, regressions & progressions and how to become a trainer- there isn't a certification that teaches you this. Send us an email to sit in on a live class TODAY:

If you're looking for a tutor to pass nasm email

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