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5-Rear Deltoid Exercises you've NEVER TRIED

Mar 31, 2022


5-Rear Deltoid Exercises you’ve NEVER TRIED

5-Rear Deltoid Exercises you’ve NEVER TRIED

The deltoids are 1-muscle with 3-parts: Anterior, Medial or Lateral and Posterior. It received its name from resembling the Greek letter delta from the word “deltoeides” which means, “shaped like the letter delta.”

Part of becoming a qualified level 1 coach, Show Up Fitness challenges interns to know the 17-muscles around the shoulder, 20-lower body muscles, 8-core movement patterns and being able to design a program on the spot in front of a panel of 2-3 coaches within 10-minutes. The average personal trainer takes a test to become a personal trainer and then quits within 12-months. We need to ask ourselves, do we want to continue teaching trainers to pass a 120-question test or do we want to teach trainers how to actually become successful personal trainers? READ MORE ABOUT SHOW UP FITNESS LEVEL 1 COACH HERE.

The deltoids are part of the shoulder because of where they originate. We use THIEME Atlas of Anatomy General Anatomy and Musculoskeletal System Second Edition because our board of education members Dr. Chad Waterbury & The Prehab Guys used during their DPT program at USC. The origin of the deltoids are as follows:

Anterior Deltoid: Lateral third of clavicle

Medial / Lateral Deltoid: Lateral surface of Acromion

Posterior Deltoid: Spine of Scapula

Think of the origin like the spine of a book, it is stapled down and does not move. The origin is more proximal while the insertion is the most distal part. The insertion for the deltoids is the deltoid tuberosity of the humerus.

The actions for the deltoids are as follows:

Anterior Deltoid: Flexion, Horizontal adduction, Internal Rotation & adduction.

Medial / Lateral Deltoid: Abduction of humerus to 90 degrees.

Posterior Deltoid: Extension, Horizontal Abduction, Scaption, External Rotation & adduction.

Gym bros like to call the posterior deltoid the REAR DELTOID. Here are 5-rear deltoid variations that you have never tried before.

If you want to BULLETPROOF YOUR SHOULDERS, here is a great article from our partners over at The Prehab Guys. This is the most comprehensive and complete shoulder article that I have found for shoulder health or common shoulder injuries. It discusses everything from the serratus anterior, thoracic spine, scapular control, shoulder mobility and exercises to help movement competency and to avoid compensatory movements or potential injuries.

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