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Top Fitness Posts, SWOT & Challenges 5/16/2021

May 25, 2021


Top Fitness Posts, SWOT & Challenges 5/16/2021

We have 7-more days for the 50% off CONTEST for our weekend seminars (next one in Austin, TEXAS June 26th and 27th.) Winners can apply it to any weekend seminar or $200 cash. The most iconic photo as seen by online intern Phil here at Dodger stadium! Who's gonna win first prize and SHOW UP for one of our weekend seminars?

How to Become A Successful Personal Trainer - Show Up Fitness Internship Santa Diego, Santa Monica, Los Angeles.  Dodger Stadium!!!

Top Fitness Post on Instagram: Nick Tumminello

I interviewed Nick in my book and he's consider the trainer of trainers (I'm coming for ya Nick 🙂 When it comes to programming for the general population, you have to read his articles and posts. He was NSCA Personal Trainer of the year 2016.

Nick Tumminello with his Stick to the Basics where he covers his patterns of movement. Nick was interviewed for the book How to Become A Successful Personal Trainer.

It's important to diversify your learnings and programming from coaches who've been in the game for numerous years (not confused with thousands of followers.) Nick has a great approach to programming that he feels works for his clients. At Show Up Fitness we focus on the following for beginner clients:

Core, Core, accessory for 3 circuits with antagonistic muscles being engaged i.e. incline press into a bent over row into an ab exercise (this is where you have fun and show the client a new exercise.) If they want to grow their booty, it would look like this: hip thrust into chin-up into side planks with abduction.

Top Nutrition Post on Instagram: Marie Spano

Sleep is a game changer! At Show Up Fitness Internship we cover the importance of sleep part of our Body Mass Equation taught by an RD like Marie.

Marie is a registered dietitian with lots of years of experience. She contriuted to the CSCS textbook which BaRack Little and I teach for anyone who needs to pass the NSCA's top S&C certification. It's important as a coach or trainer to have qualified individuals on your team to refer out and most importantly STAY IN YOUR LANE! As trainers and coaches we cannot tell clients to eat less than 1,200 calories, consume any speciifc amount of MICRO nutrients, make food plans or give any advice when it comes to metabolic diseases.

Top Strength & Conditioning Posts: Paris is Speed vb

Great post by Paris is Speed vb If you want to become a strength coach Show Up Fitness has weekly Zoom calls reviewing the CSCS.

If you're looking to learn more about becoming a strength and conditioning coach, check out our bi-weekly online classes via zoom with BaRack Little and I helping people pass the CSCS within 60-days. Paris is Speed vb has an athlete doing a unilateral depth jump while sticking the landing into a rotational sprint. Talk about an amazing exercise for the right individual: hip strength, deceleration, and speed! Learn the foundations of movement, progress and always be implementing the NSCA's Needs Analysis.

Clown of the Week: Kostooh- WTF is this???

Clown of the week post goes to Kostooh

A good rule of thumb when it comes to the Clown of the Week, take whatever the Fitness Post or the S&C post is about, and do the exact opposite on a stability or Bosu Ball- WHY? SAID is out the window. Progressive overload is limited. Injury potential goes up. All for the purpose of what? MORE INSTAGRAM LIKES! If you want to be a clown, join the circus. If you want to become a great coach or personal trainer, you need to SHOW UP!

Tinkerbell of the Week: missemmatroupe

150k people are now dumber because of missemmatroupe and her tinkerbell jumps.

Book of the Week: The Red Queen by Matt Ridley

Show Up Fitness Post of the Week:

Make fun of NASM or cottage cheese and you'll get over 200 likes

Our next weekend SEMINAR is in AUSTIN, TEXAS JUNE 26th & 27th.

Show Up Fitness SWOT Analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats)

Strengths Grew our online following from 271-277. San Diego is FULL IN-PERSON!!!!

Weaknesses Seminars need to be full.

Opportunities Online growth is our number one goal, then full seminars, in-person and then 1-1 training.

TRENDS – In scaling up, they talk about SWT. A trend I see is a move toward better ONLINE education and less virtual workouts (think more 1-1, less Pelaton now that we're opening back up.)


FIND a client outside of a gym and train them. Go to a bar, Lululemon, Starbucks, and learn how to become uncomfortable. Your success depends on how often you get out of your comfort zone.

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