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Top Fitness Posts, SWOT & Challenges 5/16/2021

Jun 01, 2021


Top Fitness Posts, SWOT & Challenges 5/24/2021

Happy JUNE 1st! You know what that means&. Time to REVIEW our SWOT and set some BHAG for the next 30-days and to end off Q2 on an amazing NOTE!

How to Become A Successful Personal Trainer - Show Up Fitness Internship Santa Diego, Santa Monica, Los Angeles.  The Roman Colesseum and ONLINE interns Erikaritfit.

Top Fitness Post on Instagram: Brad Dieter

Brad is one of the top nutrition experts in the world. He consults with NASM and contributor to NASM-CNC (nutrition certification WHICH YOU SHOULDN'T GET.) Instead of getting certification after certificaiton, ask yourself, why am I getting this certification? Are you going to learn something new? Are you going to be able to help more people? Will you be able to charge more for your services? If the answer isn't YES, YES, YES, then why not invest that money to learn from the professional themselves i.e. instead of paying $600+ for a nutrition cert, why not pay an RD $200 and buy them lunch? You can set up a relationship so they can better serve your clientele and now you've created a referral system to make more.

Brad Dieter is one of the top nutrition experts in the world. He helped author NASM-CNC. Invest into learning by doing or networking, not more certiifcations. Show Up Fitness Internship

Top Nutrition Post on Instagram: Show Up Fitness Internship

18/21 meals should be protein, fruit & veggies for the general population. If you eat 3x per day and there's 7x in the week = 21-total meals. Aim for 18 to be protein / fruit / veggies. 3 NON-CONSECUTIVE meals can be whatever you'd like. We don't use words like CHEAT or BINGE, they're just meals.

As a nation, we overconsume and underperform. The average male adult in the USA is 191 lbs; the average female is 169lbs. We underestimate our calories and overestimate how hard we exercise. At Show Up Fitness we focus on the Body Mass Equation.

Show Up Fitness Body Mass Equation how to lose fat! Start by learning about the basics.

Show Up Fitness Body Mass Equation

Top Strength & Conditioning: YLM Sports Science

Show Up Fitness internship reviews hip anatomy and great posts like YLM Sport Science.

If you're looking to learn more about becoming a strength and conditioning coach, check out our bi-weekly online classes via zoom with BaRack Little and I helping people pass the CSCS within 60-days. YLM Sports Science is reviewing Hip Anatomy. Interns at Show Up Fitness should know the 40-muscles around the hip. As mentioned in this post, the TFL, Sartorious and Gluteus Maximus are 3/40, can you name the others?

Clown of the Week: Kostooh- Doctors are NOT experts in Nutrition Dr. BERG.

Dr. Eric Berg shouldn't be giving nutrition advice. Show Up Fitness Internship teaches you how to sniff out a cluck!

50k people are now dumber due to tinkerbell jumps. Learn the mechanics of movement, this isn't how you jump!

Book of the Week: Fat Loss Forever by Layne Norton / The Beck Diet Solution by Judith Beck

Our next weekend SEMINAR is in AUSTIN, TEXAS JUNE 26th & 27th.

Show Up Fitness SWOT Analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats)

Strengths Online is now paying for rent.

Weaknesses Seminars need to be full.

Opportunities Online growth is our number one goal, then full seminars, in-person and then 1-1 training.

TRENDS – In scaling up, they talk about SWT. A trend I see is a move toward better ONLINE education and less virtual workouts (think more 1-1, less Pelaton now that we're opening back up.)


Did Elon really say this? I'm not sure, BUT I LOVE THE MINDSET! Show Up Fitness addresses this part of the Body Mass Equation. Become a personal trainer ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD!

Take your monthly revenue projection and double it. Work your ass off the next 30-days and see what you can do. Think CREATIVELY to optimize your OTHER streams of revenue. Don't train 12-hours a day and then burn out by the end of the month. Invest 5-10 hours a week THINKING creatively and planting the seeds for future streams of revenue by ACTING TODAY!

Show Up Fitness – Where Great Trainers Are Made

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