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Top Fitness Posts, SWOT & Challenges 5/9/2021

May 17, 2021


Top Fitness Posts, SWOT & Challenges 5/9/2021

How to Become A Successful Personal Trainer - Show Up Fitness Internship Santa Diego, Santa Monica, Los Angeles.

Top Fitness Post on Instagram:

Bret Contreras aka GLUTE HUNK! I interviewed Bret in my book and consider him to be a great source for knowledge, experience and passion for movement. When it comes to glute programming, you have to read his BOOK THE GLUTE LAB. He has recently upped his YOUTUBE GAME and is producing a ton of great content so make she to check out some awesome free content here

Bret Contreras is consider as one of the top strength coaches in the world. He sat on the board at NSCA and knows the most when it comes to glute programming. In my book How to Become A Successful Personal Trainer, Bret talks about HARD WORK to become successful.

There is no MAGICAL workout plan, diet or supplement. To receive your dream body, you need to SHOW UP 4-5x per week for many many years while putting in the hard work. Here's a post from Bret Contreras talking about the best exercises for fat loss and strength gaines. Notice a common demoninator?

Top Nutrition Post: Joseph Munoz IG Josephmu94

JosephMU94 with the top nutrition post of the week. If you want to improve your blood lipid levels, lift some heavy weights! Show Up Fitness Internship reviews the ACSM CAD risk stratification and how to impove your total cholesterol by lowering your LDL's and increasing your HDL's.

Great post by TEAM BIO LAYNE Dr. Joseph Munoz. On top of breaking down cholesterol, this week he had some great posts debunking Dr. Fung and his ridiculous statements such as, “If you eat 100kcal cookie, your body has to decide what to do with those 100 kcal.” Nonsense like this is what motivated Layne Norton to create one of the best nutrition programs and book Fat Loss Forever. When it comes to up-to-date nutrition FACTS, make sure to follow the ENTIRE Bio Layne TEAM.

Top Strength & Conditioning Posts: David Otey IG Davidoteyfit

David is the chief content developer at PPSC (John Rusin's company) and on the advisory board at Men's Health. As a strength coach, David puts out great content to help strength coaches see what goes along to the practical side of being a coach. He's a great coach to follow for his creativity and dedication to putting out quality content with less than 10k followers.

David Otey is the chief content officer for John Rusin PPSC. I interviewed John in my book how to become a successful personal trainer. Great content from this team!

Clown of the Week: Fit Light Training – WTF is this???

Clown of the week post goes to the Fit Light Training. Pro, 4,500 likes. CON, athlete blows out their knee trying to touch a stupid light.

Tinkerbell of the Week: Twinsb_fit Thank you, 12,000 of your followers are now dumber for this post&

Twinsb_fit this is NOT how you jump. TINKERBELL of the WEEK with how you SHOULD NOT JUMP. Show Up Fitness is changing the fitness industry ONE TINKERBELL AT A TIME!

Book of the Week: Scaling Up by Verne Harnish

Show Up Fitness Post of the Week: Happy Hour with the Hunk

Happy Hour with the Hunk and addressing FORM POLICE. Don't be that trainer who corrects everyone's posture if you can't even bench press 135 (bro's) and don't be a douche mansplaining everything to a girl in the gym. SHOW UP or SHUT UP!

Our next weekend SEMINAR is in LAS VEGAS May 22nd and 23rd. We will then be heading to Texas and New York, PLEASE LET US KNOW WHICH LOCATION YOU'D SHOW UP TO!

Show Up Fitness SWOT Analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats)

Strengths Grew our online following from 265-271. San Diego is FULL IN-PERSON!!!!

Weaknesses Seminars need to be full.

Opportunities Online growth is our number one goal, then full seminars, in-person and then 1-1 training.

TRENDS – In scaling up, they talk about SWT. A trend I see is a move toward better ONLINE education and less virtual workouts (think more 1-1, less Pelaton now that we're opening back up.)


Go get a fitness assessment from a personal trainer at a gym. Do a SWOT analysis and see what you liked, what they lacked, and opportunities for your brand.

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