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Top Fitness Posts, SWOT & Challenges 5/2/2021

May 11, 2021


Top Fitness Posts, SWOT & Challenges 5/2/2021

How to Become A Successful Personal Trainer - Show Up Fitness Internship Santa Diego, Santa Monica, Los Angeles.

Top Fitness Post on Instagram:

Dean Somerset: I interviewed Dean in my book How to Become A Successful Personal Trainer and he's coauthor of The Complete Hip & Shoulder Blue Print SEE HERE. Dean has great hip flow's and articles on his website and highlights are top post of last week with this beauty&

Soreness aka DOMS is what it is. Dean Somerset with the post of the week at Show Up Fitness

Soreness, aka Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness is A indication of work being done. It's not necessarily a good or bad thing. We should focus on getting our clients in and out of the gym in the SAFEST way possible, not annihilating them to the point where they can't even move. If you've been training for years and never are sore, it may be time for you to increase the intensity, volume, eccentrics & time under tension (TUT) and try a new program. Otherwise, educate your clients around soreness and how it's not the ONLY indicator for an amazing workout.

Top Nutrition Post: Antidiet Dietitian

Show Up Fitness top nutrition post of the week goes to the Antidiet Dietitian

Astrid Naranjo aka The Antidiet Dietitian takes the cake with how to lose 20-lbs in 1-2 weeks becuase YOU DON'T! There's ~3,500 calories in 1-lb of fat. The average person will create too much of a deficit (500+ calories) and perform endless cardio which is a great way to FAIL with your “diet.” Remember the word DIET means what you consume over the lifespan of YOUR LIFE! Instead of being too drastic, focus on lifting weights 4x a week, drink more water, aim for whole food sources of protein and focus on the other, more controllable aspects of the Body Mass Equation (Stress, Sleep, environmental factors, mindset etc.)

Top Strength & Conditioning Posts:

Erica Sutter: I interviewed Erica in my book How to Become A Successful Personal Trainer and she has all the tenets of HELP NICK. Here is a great post on deceleration with soccer players. Listen to her podcast The Soccer Queens Podcast HERE

The Soccer Queens Podcast by Erica Suter has the top strength and conditioning post for Show Up Fitness with this Deceleration post.

Clown of the Week: Doctor Reef with a continuation from last weeks DUMB post from Derrick Henry.

Clown of the week post goes to Doctor Reef and this DUMB exercise. WHY? Sure it'll get a ton of IG likes, but what's the risk vs reward? This is why trainers have a bad rep as discussed in How to Become A Successful Personal Trainer.

Tinkerbell of the Week: Kenzie Fitness Thank you, 850k of your followers are now dumber for this post&

Kenzie Fitness is the TINKERBELL of the WEEK with how you SHOULD NOT JUMP. Show Up Fitness is changing the fitness industry ONE TINKERBELL AT A TIME!

Book of the Week: Skin in the Game – Nassim Taleb

Show Up Fitness Post of the Week: The Prehab Guys

The Prehab Guys SHOWED UP during our FREE weekend seminar for trainers in Los Angeles

Show Up Fitness will begin a monthly weekend seminar series for personal traienrs in Los Angeles & San Diego for FREE! We're working on helping trainers become successful and not burn out from the Corporate structure of personal training.

Show Up Fitness SWOT Analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats)

Strengths Grew our online following from 256 – 265. San Diego is FULL IN-PERSON!!!!

Weaknesses Santa Monica IN-PERSON doesn't have any people for the next class May 17th.

Opportunities Online growth is our number one goal, then full seminars, in-person and then 1-1 training.

Threats Lack of ubiquitousness. Law suits. Gotta cover your bases!!!


Run 1-mile every other day. Steps are cool (I'm aiming for 16k per day) but as fitness professionals, we owe it to our clients to be in the best shape of ourlives. Are you?

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