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Shoulder Anatomy: Teres Minor

May 29, 2020


Shoulder Anatomy: Teres Minor

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MUSCLE OF THE DAY: TERES MINOR (one of the four rotator cuff muscles. Smaller than its bigger brother Teres Major, but does all the same things as the Infraspinatus muscle. The TM sits below the Infraspinatus, deep to the triceps long head, and superior to the latissimus dorsi.

Origin: Lateral Border of Scapula

17-muscles of the shoulder. The teres minor is one of the four rotator cuff muscles. See our other posts to learn more about them. If you want to become a great personal trainer, SHOW UP FITNESS INTERNSHIP is for you! 2-months long with hands on app&

Insertion: Greater Tuberosity Humerus

Action: External Rotation, Horizontal abduction, Extension (stabilization of the glenohumeral joint is the primary role of each rotator cuff muscle).

The Teres Minor (or the twin as we call it at Show UP Fitness) is one the four rotator cuff muscles and does the same thing as the infraspinatus muscle.

Read more about shoulder dysfunctions and how scapular positioning (SICK Scapula) may not result in pain. Pain is a VERY complex phenomenia and we can't scare our clients into this kind of thinking. Read more from The PreHab guys here.


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