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AT HOME Workout (beginners & advanced)

May 28, 2020


AT HOME Workout (beginners & advanced)

Every “influencer” and their Mom has developed some sort of AT-HOME workout with a bunch of snazzy back-flips, mops, curls with milk gallons and lifting Sparky the dog for entertainment. At Show Up Fitness, we like to stick to the basics aka KISS – Keep It Simple Shithead. Here's an example of a very easy at home circuit that you can do. You just need a bench and some light dumbbells.

Begin with a lower body exercise, followed by an upper body, then cardio, and end with some isolation or ab work. Here's an example:

  1. Step-ups curl & a press 10/ leg

  2. Push-Ups max

  3. Jumping Jacks

  4. Bicycle Kicks

    Rest for 1-3 minutes and repeat for 5-10 rounds (pending on experience level)

An important thing to remember is to make an exercise more challenge, you can A) do it more B) increase the weight C) change the tempo D) perform it unilaterally (1-leg or 1-arm.) Here's an example of a circuit that would be a little more challenging that you could try at home:

  1. Jumps 5-10

  2. 1-Arm Push-Ups 5-10/side

  3. Nordic Hamstring Curls 3-5

  4. Handstand Push-Ups MAX

  5. Jumping Jacks / Run around the block

    Repeat for 3-5 rounds pending on condition state!

It doesn't matter if you're a beginner or more advanced, give these at home workout plans a try&


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