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30-Day Fitness Challenge Show Up Fitness

May 30, 2020


30-Day Fitness Challenge Show Up Fitness

Show Up Fitness is laughing a 30-day fitness challenge beginning on June 1st. 1st Phorm CEO Andy Frisella started a 75-day challenge (seen below):

1st Phorm 75-day HARD challenge brought to you by Andy Frisella. At Show UP Fitness we teach our trainers to THINK bigger and be creative. Why do you have to recreate the wheel? Why not BORROW the foundation and then add your own specifics to make i&

At Show Up Fitness – Where Great Trainers Are Made, we challenge our interns (aspiring trainers and students who are looking to gain experience who are already certified) to think outside the box. If you're not familiar with 1st Phorm, it's a large supplement company with a very colorful CEO Andy Frisella (he has a podcast HERE.) We took his 75-day challenge and implemented our own unique variations. We took what Andy had for 75-days and made our own competition for 30-days. First, I took the image that he used and bought a $5 gig from FIVRR This website allows you to SAVE time and hire someone to do work for as little as $5. Before we get into OUR challenge, here's what I like and dislike about Andy's challenge:

1- Challenge people. Who doesn't like a little motivation and/or competition? I feel our society is frightened by SHOWING UP so I love the idea of challenging people to SHOW UP for 75-days.

2- A combination of exercise, mindset, nutrition, and getting out of your comfort zone.

3- Very specific challenges e.g. 5-minute cold shower, 10-pages, 45-minute workout.

A few things that I wanted to make better&

  • No alcohol or cheats. If you've gone through our personal training internship program, you know that we don't use words such as “good”, “bad”, or “cheat”. This vocabulary is part of the reason why we're an obese nation. What do you think is going to happen after 75-days of restriction? Most people will binge and go back to their bad habits. We want to create a community that's open to socializing, having burgers, pizza, and beer, but only 3/21 meals per week (they can't be consecutive days.) Also, you know that I could never give up drinking for 24-hours 🙂

  • Gallon of Water. I don't know where the whole 1-gallon of water phenomenon came from, but for the majority of people, that's too much water. A better indicator of hydration is the color of your urine, how you're feeling, or 1/2 your body weight in ounces. For the general population, we can get by with 4-6 glasses of water per day because most people drink coffee or diet soda (remember fruits & vegetables contain water too.)

Without further ado, let us introduce Show Up Fitness 30-day challenge&

For our followers on SHOW UP FITNESS (clients & general population): THE FIRST MONTH WILL BE FREE!

We challenge you for 30-consecutive days to:

  • Run .5 – 1.5 miles

  • CHALLENGE (bridge, deep squat, pull-up hold, take a cold shower, GET OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE.)

  • SET A PR – (take more steps, lower your blood pressure, find out a 1,5,10,20,50 rep max – the more creative the better!)

  • Win The Week – Workout 4x within the week, 16x in the month.

  • 18/21 meals be protein, fruits & vegetables

  • Read 15-pages.

For students who are ONLINE / IN-PERSON INTERNS / TRAINERS here's the 30-day challenge for you:

30 day challenge Internship.jpg

We challenge you for 30-consecutive days to:

  • 11,111 steps per day (this can be swiped out with running .5-1.5 miles per day).

  • Workout with weights everyday! You won't overtrain OR die, the body is pretty amazing. Do 1-5 sets on your typical off day instead of complete rest.

  • SET A PR – (take more steps, lower your blood pressure, find out a 1,5,10,20,50 rep max – the more creative the better!)

  • Post the 3/21 FREE meals (beer, wine, burger etc) Do this to show your clients that WE'RE HUMAN TOO!

  • Read 1-scientific journal article per day.

Here's the fine print:

Here's how to WIN! The first month will be free (show up fitness page) while the INTERNSHIP page you need to be a member part of the platform. IF you complete 30-days without missing any of the challenges, you will WIN 1-free month. PENDING on how many people completely finish the 30-day challenge, we will have a cash-prize winner(s) between $100-500 cash! As we get closer to opening back up, some of the grand prize winners will be flown out to LA / SD (flight, hotel & food paid for) and be able to have their training analyzed and observed by Show Up Fitness.

Maintain a positive mindset, tag someone each post to help spread the message, and lets SHOW UP for 30-consecutive days!

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