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Become A Nutrition Coach | Show Up Fitness NC

May 04, 2023


Become A Nutrition Coach

Show Up Fitness NC

How much money did you make in the last six months from being a nutrition coach? If the answer is ZERO or less than $5,000, then you need to sign-up to become a Nutrition Coach with Show Up Fitness.

The most popular and #1 online nutrition certification by Business Insider, the PN Nutrition Certification doesn't have an ROI – return on investment. You spend over $900 on a 800+ page textbook and do not get to engage with Registered Dietitians. If you were to go to NASM to become a certified nutrition coach (NASM-CNC), the cost is $449 and you don't get to engage with a Registered Dietitian.

Why not create a TEAM so you can refer your clients to a nutrition expert and get paid for it?

Instead of asking, “What's the best nutrition certification” you should be asking what program will allow me to help my clients with their nutrition goals while generating a new stream of revenue.

Show Up Fitness Nutrition Coach (SUF-NC)

During the Level 2 SUF-NC program, you'll have two hour long virtual calls (Tuesday 11am PST & Thurdsday 11am pst w/ SUF TEAM RD Mel Sulaver) for eight weeks. What you'll learn over the course of the program:

  • Help your clients through nutrition solutions such as, reading food labels, assessing portion sizes, counting calories and macros.

  • Network with a local or online Registered Dietitian to bring on your team who will be approved for Show Up Fitness RD Directory.

  • Generate over $10,000 as a nutrition coach via consultations and zoom calls with your team RD.

  • What you can and cannot say as a Nutrition Coach (bylaws that allow terminology such as nutritionist, can you give food plans and respecting the art of coaching etc.)

  • Be able to discuss nutrition topics and diet options such as, organic, GMOs, gluten-free, Carnivore, and Keto diets.

  • Master behavior-change coaching & cognitive behavior therapy (the leading psychological interventions for behavior change.)

What you'll get access too

  • 100-power point slides breaking down digestion, macronutrients, the laws of thermodynamics, TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expenditure) and the Body Mass Equation.

  • 4-case examples with explanations from team RD.

  • Bi-weekly quizzes.

  • Two, one hour LIVE calls per week RECORDED for on-demand within the Show Up Fitness APP.

Show Up Fitness Nutrition Coach SCHEDULE:

May 16th – Meet at Greet w/ Chris & Mel – Intro to PERSONAL CASE EXAMPLES

May 18th – MEL Bylaws of being a Nutrition coach vs Nutritionist vs RD

May 23rd – Intro to nutrition / Digestion / How to reach out to an RD

May 25th – MEL Case Example number 1

May 30th – Carbs / RD interview – QUIZ Number 1

June 1st – MEL Case example 2

June 6th – Protein & Fat – QUIZ Number 2

June 8th – MEL Case Example 3

June 13th – TDEE Calculations

June 15th – MEL Case Example 4

June 20th – TDEE Calculations on Case Example – QUIZ number 3

June 22nd – MEL Special Populations part 1

June 27th – How to conduct a Nutrition Consultation – wrapping it all together

June 29th – MEL Special Populations part 2

Become A Nutrition


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