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Advanced Chest workout w/ Trainer Engagement

Jan 08, 2023


Advanced Chest workout

w/ Trainer Engagement

The following is not your beginners chest workout. If you've been training for over a year, give this workout a try. If you're trying to Bench Press 315, read this article that Chris wrote for

Here is the typical BRO chest / triceps workout that most of us have done, 10000x:

Straight sets 3×10 resting 5-minutes while flexing in the mirror

1- Bench Press

2- Incline Dumbbell Press

3- Hammer Strength Press

4- Chest Flies

5- Smith Machine Press

6- Skull crushers

7- Triceps extensions

8- Bar Dips

9- Triceps Kickbacks

This usually takes between 75-90 minutes.

You don't want to be an average BRO though do you?

Here's an ADVANCED chest & biceps workout that will take your chest training to a new level:

1- Begin with a 2-3 minute warm-up with some self myofascial techniques

2- Perform 1-2 warm-up sets

3- 3 sets of 2-3 reps of super heavy eccentrics into preacher curls. Rest 2-3 minutes after the accessory.

4- Power Slams into bench press 8-12 reps into banded push-ups / push-ups into standing EZ bar curls – 3 rounds.

5- Chest fly trainer engaged taps into accessory into DB curls 2x 10

6- Chest fly trainer engaged MVC w/ med ball into Zotman Curls 2×12

7- Bench Press with Med ball squeeze into spider curls 2×20

This is a total of ~10-12 sets, not for a beginner or intermediate.

If you'd like for a workout to be designed, comment below your workout history, goals and what you've tried, we will put one together part of the SHOW UP FITNESS – CPT and post!

SUF-CPT the best fitness certification

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