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How Do I Get More Personal Training Clients in 2023

Jan 07, 2023


How Do I Get More

Personal Training


in 2023

The average trainer who gets their CPT through a textbook quits within 12-months. When you think about, it makes perfect sense. How does reading an 800-page textbook prepare you to work with people in a hands-on career? If you want to become a successful personal trainer, here are three ways that you can get more personal training clients in 2023:

1- Networking with medical professionals. In my newest version of How to Become A Successful Personal Trainer, I highlight the 12 R's of getting clients. The most important one is reaching out and networking with medical professionals (Physical Therapists, Doctors, and Registered Dietitians.) If you do not have one of the latter within your network, that is your number one goal, FIND ONE. Here is an example from my book on what a reach-out should look like:

Howdy Doctor Arash –

Thank you for helping people with your PT services. I came across your page / website and align with everything you mention, especially your last post on pain management (be specific.) Do you currently have a Certified Personal Trainer who you work with? I'm sure you're aware that the average trainer studies a textbook without any guided experience to become a CPT, is not very educated about movement, and hurt a lot of clients – that's not me! I've completed a thorough two-month internship and am well-versed in movement competency. When I have an assessment with a client who has a specific injury, I need to refer out to get an expert's opinion and also learn more about contraindications. Would there be a time this week when I could take you to lunch / coffee / happy hour (your choice), so I can learn more about you and your practice? If all goes well, I would love to start referring you some of my clients when the time comes.

Chris Hitchko

If you send this template out to 10 RD's, DPT's and doctors, you will get some opportunities to follow up and meet in person.

I got my first $200 personal training client from a referral from our partners over at The Prehab Guys. Make sure to checkout their NEW PT APP!

2- Consistently post in your story & feed. If I were to go to your story RIGHT NOW, would I know what services you offer? Would I be able to take away from your page that I should be using you as my go-to source for fitness and nutrition? Your IG story is FREE ADVERTISING- take advantage of it! Posting 1-2x per week and getting frustrated that your page isn't generating any leads won't work. You have to play the long game. I'm sure you've seen your analytics and have reached “X” amount of accounts without gaining many followers – this is normal. What you've done is piqued the interest of many accounts and now it's your time to WOW them with more great content. I typically won't follow someone until I have seen 5-10 great posts. Consistently posting in your feed and story is one of the easiest and FREE way's to get clients in 2023.

3- Mentorships, internships & seminars. They say you are the average of the five people you surround yourself with the most. Who are the five fitness professionals that you surround yourself with? They sure as hell won't be textbook trainers because they read textbooks and omit hands-on learning. Weekend seminars are filled with the 5% of the fitness industry – that's where you need to be. The excuse of not having enough money will continue to haunt you as your clients say the same thing because you did not provide enough value. You have a credit card, family member, or sugar mama – make it happen. All of the professional relationships that I have built have been connecting with people who are on a mission and dedicated to becoming better like I am.

How do I start the

Show Up Fitness

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