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3-Military Press variations you've never tried

Feb 14, 2022


3-Military Press variations you’ve never tried

At Show Up Fitness Personal Training internship program (VOTED THE BEST PERSONAL TRAINING INTERNSHIP IN THE UNITIED STATES!) we focus a lot on anatomy and programming. In todays article we are going to explore 3-Military Press exercises you’ve never tried, but before we do, let's take a look at the anatomy & actions of the shoulder (if you want to skip the nerdy shit, scroll down to the 3-military press variations that you've never tried):

Deltoid Anatomy:

The anterior deltoid concentrically flexes, horizontally adducts and internally rotates the humerus. The medial / lateral deltoid abducts the humerus, while the posterior deltoid horizontally abducts, extends, and externally rotates the humerus. LEARN ALL THIS AND MORE WITH OUR ONLINE PERSONAL TRAINING INTERNSHIP – BECOME A TRAINER ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD! Online interns have been using Elsiver, the Complete Anatomy App which will teach with equality and take advanced anatomy outside the lab. Check out there website & subscription plan here.


Here are the actions of the humerus from online instructor and student mentor Katie from Memphis, Tennessee.

The 9-actions of the humerus are: Extension & flexion (sagittal plane of motion), Abduction & adduction (frontal plane of motion), external & internal rotation and horizontal ab / adduction and then scaption.

The 8-scapular actions are: Elevation & depression, upward & downward rotation, protraction & retraction, and anterior & posterior tilt. LEARN MORE ABOUT THE PLANES OF MOTION HERE or if you are trying to pass the NASM-CPT and want to read more about the textbook defintions in the 7th edition NASM Essentials of Personal Fitness Training read here.

3-Military Press variations you’ve never tried

1- Scrape the Rack Military Press: This variation will keep constant isometric tension on the anterior deltoid due to flexion.

2- Banded Military Press: These can be great for the beginning of a workout to focus on velocity.

3- Military Press Cluster Sets: Clusters are great to do at the end of a shoulder workout for more volume. Remember, VFI is king for hypertrophy (volume, frequency and intensity.)

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Written by Chris Hitchko – Your Favorite Trainer with a belt buckle.

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