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Body Mass Equation Case Example: FRANK

Jun 02, 2020


Body Mass Equation Case Example: FRANK

Show Up Fitness wants to help you implement nutritional consultations to generate more money as a personal trainer or nutritionist. Learn how to implement the Body Mass Equation. Stop searching for the next best certification or nutritional course, learn how to implement the Body Mass Equation.

Frank is 5'9, 39yrs of age and your typical male with android obesity. His BP is 142/91 with a BMI of 44 (295lbs). He's eating 1,500 calories a day for the past month using Calorie King and not losing any weight. What are some reasons why Frank isn't losing weight? Frank believes that he's not eating enough and in starvation mode. Why is this incorrect? Why would it not be a great suggestion to tell Frank to eat his body weight in protein? Using the Body Mass Equation, Help Frank & design 3-full body workouts (non-consecutive days.) After reviewing his PAR-Q & medical history, you find out that Frank has been bothered with neck pain for the past 6-months. Come up with a neck flow & exercises to help.

Through a nutritional consultation appointment, you review a food log of which he tells you he eats 1 serving of 4oz steak = 320 calories, 1-cup of potatoes (120-calories) and 1 glass of wine (5 oz) = 120 calories = 560 calories. ON PAPER, he's not doing so bad, RIGHT? Let's take a look at a photo of that same exact meal&

Body Mass Equation pt 1.png

Body Mass Equation pt 2.png


10.5oz Steak, 2-cup potatoes (1tbsp olive oil), & 8.5 oz wine =

340 (1tbsp olive oil), 800-calories steak, 225 wine, 150 = 2tbsp sauce = 1,515 calories

Frank needs to be more aware of his calories. Here are some suggestions to help Frank lose some fat:

1- Challenge him to have a 40g protein shake for breakfast.

2- Pack a protein bar, apple, and a serving of pre-packed trail mix for snacks.

3- Challenge Frank to give up something for 1-week: grains, rice, red meat. When you set a PR, you get mentally stronger, by challenging a client to eliminate for 1-week, IT MAY HELP THEM understand that they are in control. If it back fires, adjust accordingly.

4- Your next nutritional consultation, go to breakfast, then lunch, then dinner to help him understand reading restaurant menu's: Creamy vs steamed, holding chips, asking for a to-go box when food arives (out of mind, out of site.)

How many calories does Frank REALLY NEED?

Weight x 10 = 2,950. On NON-Workout Days. Pending on how many calories you think / discover, create a 100-500-calories defecit.

On workout days: 2,950 x 1.2 or 1.375 (use a low multiplier. EVEN though he may think he works out hard, giving him a 1.55 or 1.725 is more calories. He doesn't need more calories, he needs to understand portion control and what to do when he's hungry). 3,540 BMR on WD, now create a deficit. 3,000 or lower depending on your assessment and Franks Body Mass Equation. The more factors he has going against him, the greater binge factor he'll have.

If you want to become a GREAT personal trainer, you don't need more certifications like precision nutrition or NASM's CNC, you need to understand the Body Mass Equation which will help you cross sell and generate revenue from already paying clients.

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