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Hip Anatomy: Sartorius

Jun 10, 2020


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Sartorius: Longest muscle in the human body. “Sartor” in Latin means tailor of which it derives its name from how tailors used to sit (the hip actions during a cross legged seated position is: flexed, externally rotated, and abducted”.) Read more on the history of traditional cross-legged tailors here.

A tailors seated position at the hip was flexed, externally rotated and abducted. These are all actions that the sartorius muscle performs& The longest muscle in the human body. Learn all of this and much much more at Show Up Fitness Personal Traini&

Origin: Anterior Superior Iliac Spine (ASIS)

Insertion: Medial to the Tibial tuberosity.

The sartorius originates on the anterior superior iliac spine aka ASIS and is the longest muscle in the human body. Show Up Fitness Where GREAT TRAINERS ARE MADE.

Actions: Hip – Flexion, Abduction, external rotation; Knee – Flexion, Internal Rotation (when knee is flexed & unweighted)

The sartorius muscle is the longest muscle in the human body. Learn about anatomy, movement, sales, social media and how to become a successful personal trainer at Show Up Fitness.

Common Injuries to the Hip Flexor: Sartorius

WHAT ARE THE HIP FLEXORS. Contrary to popular belief, the hip flexors are not solely one muscle. The hip flexors are a general term to describe any and all muscles that flex the hip. Flexion of the hip involves the movement of your leg upwards in a standing position. While there are many muscles that contribute to some degree of hip flexion, the main hip flexors are the psoas major, iliacus, rectus femoris, and tensor fascia latae.” READ MORE ABOUT THE HIP FLEXORS FROM THE PREHAB GUYS ON THEIR WEBSITE HERE.


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