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Tight hamstrings / hip flexors, STOP STRETCHING& TRY THIS.

May 09, 2020


Tight hamstrings / hip flexors, STOP STRETCHING TRY THIS.

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TIGHT HIP MUSCLES stop doing this&.

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Do you ever get mad at your gas gauge when it lights up saying you're low on gas? Pain, tightness, thirst, and hunger are all wonderful signals of our evolution. Why are you frustrated with tight hips? It's the brains way of informing the organism that something is off. When you stretch “tight”areas, more times than not, the area doesn't get much better does it? Instead of being insane (doing the same thing over and over again) try strengthening the muscles around the joint.

Instead of stretching the PSOAS MAJOR aka hip flexor, start strengthening the posterior and lateral glute muscles; strengthen the adductors and the PSOAS while you're at it. Tightness may suck, but it's probably a mechanism of the body protecting & guarding against weakness which makes the system vulnerable. If you want to take a yoga or Pilates class, SO BE IT, but the reason you feel better is due to the strengthening of tissues. When was the last time you planked for an hour? When you take a pilates or yoga class, that's exactly what you're doing. Strengthen your core and that gas is empty light aka TIGHTNESS, will probably disappear.


So if you have tight hamstrings, flexors, or low back muscles, give these exercises a try everyday for 3 sets of 20-30 to see how you feel after a week.

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