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At Home Workouts & the Body Mass Equation

Apr 14, 2020


How to lose weight at home: At Home Workouts

Everyone and their uncle is programming at home workouts. As a teacher of personal trainers, I tell our students, “Just because you can, doesn't mean you should.” I think I can make a pretty stellar Chicken Parmesan, but I'm NOT going to start up my own restaurant called HUNK SAUCE (it is kinda catchy though.) Here's what you need to understand when it comes to trying to lose weight, The Body Mass Equation:

The Body Mass Equation is the ultimate tool to help you better understand fat loss, calories, the law of thermodynamics and many other factors that play key roles. Show Up Fitness Internship will teach you how to generate money and stop wasting mone&

The Body Mass Equation

There are 12-factors of the Body Mass Equation. Without a doubt, the two most important ones are Calories In & Calories out. Today we will be addressing the OUT portion of the Body Mass Equation. In January and February I walked around 8,500 steps per day. Since the HUNKerdown time & COVID-19, I've been getting less than 1,500. Our activity factor consists of: working out and NEAT (Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis.) When I had access to Equinox in West Hollywood & Life Time Fitness in La Jolla, I lifted heavy weight and implemented HIIT 3-5x per week (High Intense Interval Training.) My activity factor WAS 1.55, NOW it's barely 1.2.


Activity Factor Multipliers:

First establish your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)- there are different equations such as Layne Norton suggestion here. I prefer taking either A) goal body weight and multiplying by 12 or, B) body weight x 10 for males, 9 for females (11 -12 to gain weight.) This number is how many calories your body needs to maintain itself (calories for your brain, liver, kidneys muscles etc.) If you want to lose body fat, you need to create a deficit by subtracting calories or if you'd like to gain weight, add in calories to create a surplus. Here are the multiplying factors:

1.375 (1-3 days a week / low intense)

1.55 (3-4 days / moderate intense)

1.725 (5-6 days / High Intense)

1.9+ (Double Days / Very High Intense.)

2.0+ RARE cases for extreme athletes (I've only used 1x in my coaching / teaching career.)

I've been working out since the 4th grade and know what I'm doing and only give myself a multiplier of 1.55. My rule of thumb is EVERYONE (general population) gets between a 1.2 – 1.375. We have a problem with consuming too many calories, we don't need to give ourselves more.

Here's an example of a 190 lb guy trying to lose weight:

190 x 10 = 1,900 calories. He should be eating between 1,500 – 1,800 on NON WORKOUT DAYS.

On workout days: 1,900 x 1.375 = 2,612 calories. I'd suggest between 2,200 – 2,500 calories on workout days.

Create a caloric deficit, exercise & move more (NEAT).

NOW, Let's see how easy it is to gain weight if a few of the factors are adjusted:

Chris BEFORE vs DURING HUNKerdown Time:

BEFORE: 200 x 10 = 2,000 (1,200 – 1,900 calories on NON-WORKOUT DAY- Challenge to FAST!)

2,000 x 1.55 = 3,100 (2,500 – 3,000 calories on workout days)

Working out 6x a week with heavy weights & HIIT. Walking ~8,500 Steps

NOW: *200 x 1.2 (2,400) OR 1.375 (2,750) = 2,000 – 2,500 on WORKOUT DAYS.

SO, If I WAS eating 3,000 with 8,500 steps per day, I'd be in a slight deficit & maintaining my stature. BUT, if I continued eating 3,000 with 1,500 steps per day, what would happen? When people isolate themselves, they begin to stress more, alcohol consumption increases, sleep deteriorates, and bad routines manifest due to the negative mindset. MOST people would blame it on the QUARANTINE 15-lbs, but ACTUALLY, it's a matter of eating more in the NEW situation AND moving A LOT LESS. We need to constantly review the body mass equation because it's always changing. *I probably weigh 195 because I tend to lose weight when I workout less.

The Body Mass Equation has NEVER been defied. It works 100% of the time EVERY TIME. As with a lot of things in life, THE TRUTH HURTS.

At Home Workouts

The following template you COULD have clients do 7x a week. Trainers CREATE PLUG IN SYSTEMS to use for the future. Input acute variables & ISOLATION exercises to personalize it.

Warm – Up: Planks, push-ups, jumping jacks, knee tucks, butt kickers, leg swings = 2-3 minutes CHANGE WEEKLY


Plug In System Workout 1: Workout 2: Workout 3:

  1. Core Pattern 1. Floor Bridges 1. Jumping 101 1. Reverse Lunge

    a. Core Pattern a. Push-Ups a. Pull Aparts a. Military Press

    b. Isolation b. Clams b. Curls b. Lateral Raises

    c. Cardio c. Jumping Jacks c. Jump Rope c. Mnt Climbers

    d. Abs / ISO d. Bicycle Kicks d. Side Plank d. Plank Ups

    Rest 1-3 minutes depending on condition state. Hell, rest 10-minutes and read a fucking book!

    CIRCUIT 2:

    Core Pattern 1. Goblet Squats 1. Step-Ups 1. RDL's

    a. Core Pattern a. Chin-Ups a. 1-Leg Push-Ups a. Pull-Ups

    b. Isolation b. Lateral Raises b. Triceps Extensions b. Rot. T's

    c. Cardio c. High Knees c. Star Jacks c. Push-Ups – Cone Touch

    d. Abs / ISO d. Crunches d. Plank with bag on back d. Wall Sit

    Rest 1-3 minutes depending on condition state.

    CIRCUIT 3:

    Core Pattern 1. Walking Lunges 1. Goblet Squat 1. Bench Squat

    a. Core Pattern a. Single Arm Mpress a. Band Face Pull a. Swiss Ball Pull Apart

    b. Isolation b. Swiss Ball Curls b. Nordics b. Side Planks Hip Flexed

    c. Cardio c. Heavy Bag Carry 30-sec c. Banded Jumping Jacks c. Suicides

    d. Abs / ISO d. Hollow Holds d. SPECIAL Kristy Abs d. Reverse Nordics

    DAILY CHALLENGE 2-min AMRAP Jump Rope 2-min AMRAP Push-ups 60-second Chin-Up
    Rest 1-3 minutes depending on condition state.

You may notice the difficulty to train the upper body without some bands or a pull-up bar. I highly suggest having some red / green large bands with a few dumbbell sets of 5,10,15,20+ pending on the weight needed to stimulate growth (a weight that you cannot lift for more than 6-8 reps.)

The next blog post we will take you through a workout that you can do with weights and bands.

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