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Three Simple Reasons Why You Should Become a Personal Trainer

Sep 23, 2019


Three Simple Reasons Why You Should Become a Personal Trainer

It is that time of year, the end of summer, when school is on the brink of starting up again and everyone makes their way back from the beach into the tough reality of fall- quarter 4 begins on Tuesday! With your summer tan still intact, you may be thinking of a career change, maybe one that focuses on your health, allows you to make your own schedule and teaches you how to expand your network. So have you ever considered becoming a personal trainer? I've now taught over 1,000 personal trainers (and have helped hundreds more pass the NASM-CPT with our study guide BUY HERE,) so I think it's only fair that I can call myself the teacher or trainers. With over 8-years teaching at NPTI (National Personal Training Institute) and over 2+ years with our own personal training program, let me help educate you on the benefits of becoming a personal trainer (hint hint gaining experience through an internship like ours at Show UP Fitness is superior than any certification or going to school.)

Health – Yours And Your Client’s

When you become a certified personal trainer your client’s health and fitness is your main priority. But as many professional trainers can confirm, your personal health also becomes a priority. As trainers, it is our job to lead by example, if we are continuously telling our clients one thing and doing the opposite how will they trust us? At every Show Up Fitness gym, I have taken it upon myself to work with all my trainers to get them to be the healthiest person they can be. How can you call yourself a personal trainer if you don't get trained yourself? Isn't that a little hypocritical to be training others, but you don't subscribe to your own profession? It would be like a doctor who doesn't get check-ups, or a dentist who doesn't get bi-annual cleans. I challenge every trainer to hold yourself to a higher standard and hire a trainer (or barter) at least once per week. If you are looking to not only change the lives and habits of your clients, but of yourself as well, you might consider a career in personal training.

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Flexible Schedule

We see them all the time. The blue check-marked, Instagram verified accounts, who spend their days on the beach or traveling across Europe. While they may have an online community of followers and fans, what they also have that corporate employees do not, is a flexible schedule. As a professional, personal trainer you will be able to make your own schedule and take on as many clients as your schedule allows. With that being said, every trainer takes the unwritten oath that our job requires us to work when others typically do not. Get used to the 4-5am wake up calls and late night sessions from 7-10pm. It's not uncommon for trainers to have split shifts i.e. 5am-10am, 5-6 hour break, and then 4pm-8pm. If you want to become a successful personal trainer, make sure to be productive during these empty blocks. You can easily fall into a rut and find yourself wasting the middle part of the day scrolling through instagram and forgetting to workout. If you want to avoid burn out, make sure to surround yourself with passionate, critical thinking trainers. This will open up the door to new friendships with all the new people you meet. Which leads us into number 2&

Meet New People

In this day and age, it is all about who you know. People spend hours and hundreds of dollars working towards expanding and growing their network of connections every single day. As a trainer you are in charge of growing your client base and making sure your network expands. Every day will be a new opportunity to meet new people and connect with total strangers. When I first started ShowUp Fitness 8 years ago, the only way I was able to grow to own brand into 4-gyms (more coming soon) was by meeting someone new each day. Whether it was my coffee barista, building neighbor or the stylist at the salon on Santa Monica Avenue (near 3rd street Promenade), I continued to meet new people, not because it was fun, but because it helped grow and make Show Up a ubiquitous business empire.

If all these things sound good to you, you should seriously consider a career in personal training. At ShowUp Fitness we not only offer the opportunity for you to expand your knowledge around personal training but we also provide the education and internship to start your personal training career off right. To learn more visit our website and learn how to become a personal trainer for free via our ShowUp Fitness Internship program.

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If you need to pass the NASM-CPT our study guide will navigate through the chapters and help prepare you for their examination. Chris Hitchko has taught over 1,000 trainers and successfully helped hundreds of people pass the NASM certification.

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