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Four Reasons Why Garlic Is Good For You

Sep 19, 2019


Four Reasons Why Garlic Is Good For You

Garlic has long been known as the best way to keep vampires away. And while that may be true, garlic also has many nutritional and health benefits that many are not aware of. To learn four reasons why garlic is good for you, continue reading below!

Low in Calories, High in Nutrients

While garlic's smell has known to pack a punch, one clove of raw garlic contains five different nutrients but is on 4.5 calories. This means that by including garlic in one meal a day you are getting at least 2% of your daily value without overindulging in extra calories (manganese – don't confuse with magnesium, B6, B1, Vitamin c, and selenium.)

Lowers Blood Pressure

Studies have shown that by increasing your garlic intake, you may be able to improve your overall blood pressure. In routine tests, over a twenty-four week study, by eating four cloves of garlic a day, people with hypertension saw improved blood pressure that was only previously reached by prescription drugs.

Helps Remove Heavy Metals From Your Body

While doing tests on employees at a car battery plant, scientists found that garlic had an impressive hand in reducing lead levels in the blood. The magic element is the sulfur compound found in the garlic clove, which helps protect organs from metal toxicity. By eating garlic 3x a day, the participants saw a reduction in symptoms of toxicity like headaches and blood pressure. So, if you are worried about your heavy metal exposure, you may try to combat the exposure by increasing your overall garlic intake.

Easy To Incorporate

Garlic's well known flavor complements a variety of dishes and is easy to incorporate to any meal. With all these new contraptions to peel and/or mince garlic you will not only find it easy to incorporate but you'll also have fun! See here for a link to purchase the Elusive Enterprise Garlic Peeler and Rasp, it was so easy and quick! Check out my video below and you too, will see how fantastic this tool it!

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