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Trainer's In Training (TNT) vs Equinox Tier 1 Trainers

Jul 06, 2019


Did you know that the average personal trainer hired at a corporate gym like Equinox, Crunch, 24-Hour Fitness and LA Fitness, has never trained an actual person before? The majority of new trainers at corporate gyms become a trainer via simple certifications like NASM, NSCA, or ACSM and have very limited experience. Not at Show Up Fitness. All of our trainers have completed a comprehensive 4-month personal training program teaching movement, anatomy and nutrition. We're the only program that has each trainer train clients while enrolled. During the course, interns are labeled Tier 1 trainers and after they get insurance, are able to start training clients for $40-$50/ hour (depending on the length of the package 12-24 sessions.) The same tier 1 trainer at Equinox would be charging $97-101/ session (with less experience.) Trainer's In Training have all shadowed training sessions from certified trainers, practiced mock sessions, and trained other students. Watch this video to learn more about the process to become a personal trainer and how misinformed the general population is about the fitness industry.

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