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Become a Personal Trainer for FREE!!

Jul 03, 2019


How to become a personal trainer for FREE (Chelsey Rose video at bottom)

Click bait right? You must be asking yourself how is it possible to become a personal trainer for FREE? Let me introduce you to our recent intern who completed our 4-month Personal Training Internship in Los Angeles for FREE: CASEY


A Miami native, Casey moved to LA in 2013 to become an actress. Needing to pay for rent, she waited tables which allowed her to pursue her dreams. While working at a fine dining establishment in Brentwood, she serendipitously met Chelsey Rose, a like-minded fitness girl who recently completed her internship at Show Up Fitness Personal Training Internship in Los Angeles. Casey lit up at the opportunity to pay off the cost of the personal training program by getting her own clients to train while in class. Casey ponied up the $500 down payment and began the internship in early February.

Casey was able to complete her Personal Training Internship and become a personal trainer for FREE. She made back her $500 deposit by training clients and pocketed a net total of $20!

The day in the life of a intern at Show Up Fitness

Casey would SHOW UP every Monday at 8am at our Los Angeles location (located off Sunset, very close to West Hollywood, CA.) Monday – Thursday from 8-12am, Casey would learn anatomy, nutritional calculations, movement analysis, and how to administer assessments including: blood pressure, movement screens, circumference measurements and the art of sales.

Interns will be in a classroom setting from 8-11am Monday - Thursday learning anatomy, movement, nutrition, and reviewing Power Point slides.

After a short lunch, the practical portion would begin at 11am and finish around 12:00pm/1pm. The most unique concept of the internship is the Trainer's In Training (TNT.) TNT allowed Casey to train clients during her Internship, all she needed was personal training insurance (which is less than $200.) Casey would typically train 1-2 clients a day (sometimes before, during, and after class, and also on the weekends.) She continued to work her job four days a week on top of studying and going to school. Casey is scheduled to leave her waitress job at the end of summer!

Trainers In Training (TNT)

Our TNT model is mirrored after Toni & Guy Hairdressing Academy where you can get a haircut at a discounted rate from a student enrolled in the Academy. Each student is overseen by a qualified artist. The same concept applies at Show Up Fitness. Each intern understands how the body works, but hasn't been given the opportunity to train people. The process to become an intern is simple:

  1. Pay the deposit of $500

  2. Get insurance.

  3. Spend 1-2 weeks shadowing trainers at Show Up Fitness.

  4. Train students and other trainers for 1-2 weeks.

  5. Pass a mock training session with a Show Up Fitness client.

  6. Find clients to pay off the cost of the program.

    • (TNT rates are $50/hour for 12-sessions OR $40/ hour for 24-sessions as Tier 1 trainers. After two months of the internship, you move into Tier 2 pricing, charging $70/hour for 12-sessions OR $60/session for 24-sessions. Each personal training package will be put towards the cost of the class $2,499 or $4,99, depending on how many semesters you take; some students take one, some take both.)

If you can't find 1-person a month to train, personal training isn't for you!


If you want to become a personal trainer OR if you're already a certified personal trainer looking to gain experience, SHOW UP FITNESS PERSONAL TRAINING INTERNSHIP IS THE BEST ROUTE! The internship classes are small (6-12 students) with different backgrounds, languages (French, Russian, Spanish), and ages (17-66 years young.) We've had people change careers, already certified through NASM, NSCA, ACSM, ISSA & NESTA, and others who've graduated college with a BS in Kinesiology & other training schools like National Personal Training Institute (NPTI) and American Fitness & Nutrition Academy (AFNA.) We don't offer any certifications or diplomas because they're not needed (unless the gym requires one.) What separates Show Up Fitness is the ability to train clients during your internship. All of our instructors have a background in kinesiology or nutrition, and have been a trainer for at least 10-years. Our classes begin every 2-months (two separate units; upper body & lower body.)

Currently there are no government regulations that require personal trainers to earn a certification or college degree; however, most gyms and health clubs enforce certification as a minimum requirement. – National Academy of Sports Medicine Essentials of personal fitness training 6th Edition, pg. 551-552


Los Angeles August ~5th (possibly 12th) Monday – Thursday 8am – 1pm AND/OR Monday – Thursday 6pm-10pm. SECURE YOUR SPOT RIGHT HERE

San Diego (La Jolla) Tuesday – Friday 8am – 1pm (First two people to sign up, enrollment will be half off!)

Payment options

1- Pay in full and receive $500 off ($1,000 off if you purchase the Management Class too.)

Option 2: Down Payment of $500-$1,000 with month payments between $200-$1,250.

Option 3: Down Payment of $500 and train clients as Casey did. An additional $500 will be deduct off your total cost if you refer someone into the PT Internship / $200 for the management course. There's also opportunities to post to your social media in exchange to bump down the cost. Where there's a will, there's a way!

Show Up Fitness Personal Training Internship – Better Than Any Certification

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