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How To Squat Correctly

Oct 07, 2019


How To Squat Correctly

Ah, the infamous squat. You may think you know how to squat but the reality is we have been inundated with too much information on how to squat properly. There are some that say your knees cannot go over your toes, there are some that say, “Ass to the grass” and then there are some that say don't do either. The reality is we are all different and so our bodies bend in different ways. This also means that our squats may all look different but there are three key points of contact that need to remain intact with the ground so our body can perform the squat properly.

First, you need to make sure you have an area of your gym or room with room to squat. Then you will place your legs hip distance apart. The first jectoid, or point of contact is the big toe, the big toe should not leave the ground when you sit back into your squat. The next jectoid is your little toe and your third jectoid is your heel bone aka calcaneus. These three jectoids should always maintain contact with the ground as you sit back in your squat. Once you make sure these three are in contact with the ground, sit back and aim to get your toosh into the proverbial “chair.” Remember to keep your chest proud as you sit back.Once you rise up, that is one squat!

The aim should be to do three sets of 10 squats with correct form and no weight. Once you believe you have mastered the squat technique, you can gradually add weight by either holding dumbbells in your hand or using a squat rack. If at any time, squatting leads to pain in your back or quads, cease the exercise and consult a professional. For more information on how to squat, watch this video or head on into one of our ShowUp Fitness gyms where one of our professional trainers will be more than happy to assist you!


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