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Three Easy Ways To Fail Better

Oct 07, 2019


Three Easy Ways To Fail Better

Ridding you of the victim mentality and developing a winner's mindset in online business
By Dani Cohen

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The reality is that “90% of online businesses will fail within 120 days.” People dive into the sphere of online business with the wildly incorrect assumption that it will be easy. They believe that clients will fall into their lap, money will rain from the sky, and they'll never face bumps in the road,but this is not the case.

I can't tell you how many times a client has come to me and said “My business just isn't growing,” or “It's not fair, my business is going to fail.” I used to be guilty of this too!

A lot of us are inclined to play the victim when it comes to our careers – more so than in any other component of our lives. I encourage you, the next time you want to jump to “Why me? It's not fair,” think about this: there are a lot of variables that separate successful online businesses from the 90% that fail, but a big factor is how you, the business owner, responds to a negative situation.

As Chris Hitchko, our Show Up Fitness CEO, likes to say – LIFE IS HARD! Anything that is truly worth doing will have unique challenges – otherwise everyone would be doing it. The reality of life is that you will fail hard, and you will fail often. The way you accept those failures and learn to FAIL BETTER determines your long-term success.

Where do you fall? Are you a victim, or do you take charge and become AWESOME? Ladder of AWESOMENESS.

Here are three simple tricks that will change the way you approach your failures.

Tip One: Take your “WHY ME?” and flip it to “WHAT'S NEXT?”

Stop asking “Why me?” when you fail, rather be progressive and ask yourself “what's next?”

Lost a client? AWESOME! That gives you a chance to go find an even better, higher-paying client. That's your “what next.”

Running low on money? CONGRATULATIONS! Your “what's next” is finding new, creative ways to bring in revenue.


These are the “three R's” of failing better.

REFLECT on the experience. What occurred, and how could you have performed differently or how could you have created a different outcome for the situation?

REFRAME how you view the experience. That's where we ask WHAT NEXT instead of WHY ME. Successful people don't let a single incident ruin their mindset – rather they stay positive and focused. Learn to treat every mistake as a learning opportunity, not a disappointment.

RE-ENGAGE in your next venture or opportunity. Don't let setbacks derail you, let them motivate you.

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Winner's win. The difference between a winner and a loser is that the winner keeps going even after they lose. They don't see the loss as the end, but rather as an opportunity to be better.

Michael Jordan's infamous quote says it best, ” I've failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.” You don't get where you want to go by giving up – you get there by persisting even in the face of great adversity.

So if your business is struggling today – ask yourself “what next?,” reframe, reflect, re-engage, and maintain a winner's mindset. You'll be amazed by the growth that happens when you FAIL BETTER.

For more information on how to fail better or grow your online business, head on over to Show Up Fitness and attend one of our monthly seminars. We look forward to supporting you as you grow and win!

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