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How to Get More Out of Your Day: Time Management 101

Jun 24, 2015


I feel like Kenny Powers from East Bound and Down listening to his own motivation talks- I get pumped up from reading this stuff! The number one excuse I hear daily, “I don't have enough time.” The worst part about this excuse is how everyone uses it; HOG WASH. How many hours are in a day? 24. How many hours are in a workweek? 120. The whole week? 168. Crap, I forget people hate numbers; Louis Vuitton, rescue dogs, boobs. Ok, now that I got your attention again. How is it that CEOs, Presidents, and business owners are capable of accomplishing great feats yet we're strapped for time? EXPLICATION please. Let me help you with time management.

Time Management 101 & Winning the Week
Lets emulate a day in the life of an average American. In this example, I'll be analyzing a five day workweek, and how it's possible to win the week (workout four days out of seven). By completing this exercise, you'll be able to use the weekends strictly for leisure, R&R, horizontal polka, or whatever you weekend warriors do nowadays. Here's some help with time management.

Time Management:
120 hours in a five day work week:
30 hours of sleep (average person sleeps 6 hours)
40 hours of work
20 hours of TV (average person watches 4 hours a day)
10 hours of a commute
5 hours of social media (based off averages of 45 min for FB & 15 min for IG, and not counting the other sites)
5 hours of eating
5 hours of fantasizing of riding a dragon and killing zombies
115 hours of time spent, with 5 hours remaining. What's your excuse why you can't exercise?

HONESTLY, do you commute two hours a day? Do you watch four hours of TV? Are you a social media gigolo? A better question should be, do you really need to be wasting time looking at other peoples lives? Do you daydream about flying dragons (I DO, I DO!) If you cut your TV, and social media in half, you'd save another 12.5 hours. Here's something to ponder& exercising regularly increases productivity. Imagine what you could do with 20+ hours of extra time a week?
How do you think most successful people made it into their position today? Throwing pity parties and looking for excuses is cowardice. Own your actions and learn how to save time during the week.

A work week in the life of Chris the Dragon Slayer:
44 hours teaching
37 hours sleeping
5 hours writing
2.5 hours commuting (walking 15 minutes to and from work)
10 hours working on business related tasks (meetings, training sessions, creative thinking)
3 hours of social media
1 hour checking out girls on the Third Street Promenade
10 hours working out (two hours a day)
3 hours of fantasizing of riding a dragon and killing zombies all while listening to country music- YEE HAW!
4.5 hours of socializing aka happy hours (of which I remember)
Carry the three, that's 120 hours a week.

I'm not an average American; I'm an Awesomeican. Basically a mixed breed between awesomeness, unicorn, wolf, and a Trojan Warrior. I socialize a lot, but I'm able to maintain a sense of who I am. I enjoy the following: drinking, dating, reading, learning, drinking, going to church, dating a little more, watching sports, happy hours, Sunday Funday, watching sunsets (NO JUDGEMENT), going to the beach (suns out guns out), watching movies, and then drinking some more. As a fitness entrepreneur, I'm constantly trying to grow my brand, book, and new business endeavors. Most importantly, I make time for happiness, and a social life.

My business partner recently dubbed me an octopus. Not because of my “Crawl the Warrior King,” (get your mind out of the gutter), but because I have a lot of hands in different buckets. Some people work best focusing on one task. A matter of fact, most successful business men will tell you to focus on one task until you see it to fruition. I disagree. I like having a bunch of reals in the water; the more the better. My mind works best when I'm humming at 93mph. I'm not trying to converge you into a Mini Dragon Slayer. I want you to recognize your toxic behaviors, and change them. At the end of the day, you're the only one who is capable of making that change.

Ignorance is NOT BLISS
Ignorance is horse S*%@! I feel people over-exaggerate the fact that they have no time. My favorite response to these “busy folk” is, “When do you find the time to take a poo-poo?” It's an excuse for settling with being comfortable. If you don't know it by now, comfort makes us a servant to mediocrity. Who wants to be inferior? Our lack of time management skills is driving us down the path of weakness. NO MORE. Here's what I want you to do. Spend 10 minutes during your your next number two filling out this simple time card (don't pretend ya'all don't read, text, FB, Tinder, and IG while you're dropping a deuce):

120 hours in a work week:
__________ hours of sleep
__________ hours of work
__________ hours of TV
__________ hours of commute
__________ hours of social media
__________ hours of eating
__________ hours of fantasizing of being a flying unicorn, and fighting dragons
__________ hours of exercising
__________ OTHER___________________________
__________ TOTAL hours of time spent

Create a list of hierarchy of things that can't change: Sleep, work, commute, EXERCISE. Now, make another list of things that you want to start doing i.e going to the gym, learning Spanish, learning how to country swing, or how to cook (two classes I've recently enrolled in aka Chef Boy R Cowboy Chris). Now prioritize, and OWN your life. Do you really need to keep up with the F*&^$%* Kardashians? If you do, don't blame me for that spare tire, blame them.

Here are my priorities: mental growth, business expansion, and philanthropy. I've scaled back on the drinking (only six days a week; KIDDING), and less mindlessness on *FB/IG. I've made it a point to read more, expand my mind, and most importantly, WIN every week in regards to nutrition and fitness. *Mind you, I manage four Facebook pages (outside of my personal two), two Instagrams, and run my website.

My Challenge to you on how to better your Time Management
Be human, and NEVER beat yourself up for a “cheat meal”, or missing a workout. Talk to someone who has made fitness a priority and see how you can learn (DON'T MIRROR THEM, you need to make reasonable goals for yourself.) Implement four resistance training days into your life for a month, and watch your lifestyle change. Your quality of life will improve by: stressing less, better sexy time, being in control, and an increase in self-worth. I want your inner Awesomeican to peak its beautiful head. You owe it to yourself to be this person, START NOW.


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