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How to Eat on Vacation: From SaMo - Chico - Napa - SaMo

Jun 18, 2015


My family comes first; no ifs ands or butts. If you're a family man, you understand it. I'll move mountains for the Hitchko bloodline. Recently, that Mountain was a shotgun weekend to Northern California. My niece was “promoted” into 9th grade and my cousin set to graduate High School in Napa. A lovely seven hour drive to Chico, followed by a three hour drive to Napa the next morning, and then six hours hours back to Santa Monica. I don't mind driving, I enjoy it. The sanctity of the road and its beauties I find relaxing. I can get into my head, and figure S&*# out. Where will I be in a year? What kind of growth am I capable of? Time management for the weeks to come. Daydream about Gonzaga winning a National Championship, fighting dragons, sexy southern girls, and Lacey Chabert. How many fingers and toes would I amputate if awarded one million dollars for each? Six? Maybe twenty? Lacey Chabert Oooo La La; dammit, where was I? TANGENT.

When I was gone for three days, I wanted to track my eating behaviors. Would pigging out for 3 days have an impact on my physique? I left Santa Monica (or as the effeminate LA folk say, “SaMo”) weighing 197lbs & 9.9% body fat. I didn't work out besides one mean game of Frisbee three flies up. The winner determined what bar the brothers and I would go to. Nick loves raggedy ol' holes in the wall, Steve likes food, and I like women and booze. Stevo won. We went to the local dancing spot. Does drunken dancing count as exercise?

Here's a breakdown of consumption:
Day 1: Drive to Chico. Hypocaloric day = low calorie (I usually consume 3-4k a day)
18 hour fast with three cups of coffee. Dinner: 2 Sierra Nevada beers and fajitas with the parents. Desert: 1 brownie and ice cream with peanut butter sundae. I hate sweets, but can't resist moms food.

Day two: Drive to Napa. Breakfast buns. 3 beers before graduation- you can't go to these things sober, seriously! We're such a PC nation now, the graduation was given in three languages!!! A nice morning buzz makes it fly by. Lunch: Sandwhich and 2 beers at Broadway Heights. Sunflower seeds on the drive to Napa (brother drove, RELAX.) Dinner: Tacos and a bunch of family wine. Probably 2 bottles. Dessert: Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter cookies & 2 tacos.

Day three Hypercaloric day (probably 5-6k kcals): Coffee with whip cream (I was feeling naughty.) It's Saturday, why not have a screwdriver- gotta start the day off on a good note. Lunch: sandwiches at the park with this insanely YUMMY buffalo dip; I ate a loaf of bread & 4 beers. Snack: Winery to make dinner taste better (the days getting fuzzy now.) Dinner: Burgers and family wine. Bar: No idea how many drinks were consumed. Honestly, who keeps track?

Sunday. Hypocaloric day. Fasted 16 hours with two cups of coffee (drinking water, coffee, tea, and BCAA's are all acceptable on fasts). Dinner: Steak and vegetables.
Alcoholic? No. Human? No; 1/2 human, 1/2 alien, HA! I indulge when I please. I don't fret over the consumption of fluids or fatty foods when I'm on vacation. Prior, I worked out 4 days, and the I ate meat, veggies, and fats. I had a few hypocaloric days, followed by a few hypercolric ones. My mom is the best cook ever. I think she gets sad if we don't eat all her food. Free family wine? Ya, OK, I'm gonna have one glass of the $120 per bottle wine. NO Way Jose. What happens when the week is over? I reminisce of all the great times with family, and loved ones. When I get back to my life in SaMo, my default eating and exercise program is winning the week. I work out 4+ days, eat lean meats, fat (coconut oil, fish, nuts), and veggies 4-6 days a week. During the weekends, I'll have amazing burgers, steaks, pizza and booze. I'm winning my life by owning my decisions, but more importantly, being in control of my behavior and actions.

One week later: 198 10.3% body fat, happy, confident, and completely and utterly awesome. HAHA, if you don't know my sarcasm, come sit in one of my classes. My weight range is 197-202lbs. I'm hitting my goals in every part of my life as I know it.


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