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International Society of Sports Nutrition (ISSN)- Austin

Jul 30, 2015


One of the biggest flaws I see with personal trainers today is the lack of nutritional implementation. In the Vulgar Truth Diet: Fat Loss, I address the S.P.I.N.E. (Sex, Stress, Sleep, Psychology, Injuries, Nutrition, and Exercise.) Overeating (nutrition) is a key component to our society being fat, but so is lack of exercise, sleep, motivation, and inability to optimize movement. I ventured off to the Capitol of Texas- Austin (YeeHaw) for one of the most recognizable nutritional conferences. Here are some of the biggest take a ways (is that a construction cone? Thank you, summer drinking binge):

  • Protein is king
  • Austin is a cheap place to drink
  • Adherence is key
  • American's eat more, BUT we also move less
  • Scientists can drink
  • Girls in Texas love The Hunk

When I began teaching in 2009, the material that I utilized suggested sedentary clients to consume .8-1.0/kg (will show calculations in a jiffy- Hold Dem Horses). According to recent evidence, clients should be consuming WAY more protein, AND it should be based off of Lean Body Mass (LBM). In juxtaposition (fancy word meaning to compare the two), the former was lower in grams per day, while the latter takes into consideration body fat percentage. Let's compare the same individual from 2009 vs July 2015 and his protein needs for a goal of fat loss.

Gaston 225lbs with 25% body fat
2009 -He should be consuming 82g of protein per day (225 /2.2 multiplied by .8 (expressed in kg)).
2015- He should be consuming 237g of protein per day (225 x .75 (100-25 = Lean Body Mass), / 2.2, X 3.1 (expressed in kg)).

Holy Gastons- that's a lot of protein. Obviously the take away from this isn't to pig out of meat (no pun intended.) It's to understand the importance of protein in the diet. Protein plays a significant role in fat reduction due to: the thermal effect of food (longer to digest), keeps us full longer (satiety), reduction in cravings, and an increase in testosterone production. How many grams of protein are you consuming? According to the ISSN conference, to maximize fat loss, we, and our clients, should be striving for 2.3-3.1g/kg of protein per day (the previous suggestions were for body builders to be consuming between 2-2.2g/kg!) I suggest for you to track your consumption of protein over a two-three day period to see where you fall. If you're consuming less than the current recommendation, ask the following question, “Are you reaching your goals?”
If Gaston came into my studio and wanted nutritional advice, I'd tell him to eat more protein. At first, consuming an extra 150g a day would be outrageous. I'd challenge him to have three-four extra eggs, a chicken breast, and protein shake (that's almost 75g.) After each session, we'd make adjustments according to how he's feeling, bloated, or low energy. Over the course of time, I'd have Gaston consuming more protein, and guess what would happen to his waist line? He'd be losing it.
Take home message…Eat more protein

In 2015, I've won the week, every week (workout with resistance four out of seven days, and my diet is protein, fat, and vegetable on those four days.) In Austin, I won the week in drinking! I love me some social hours, Texan girls, longhorns, and happy hours that've got $1.75. I remember (faintly) getting one tab from a beautiful Texas senorita, and it read $4.25. Thinking I was still in Santa Monica, I told her I'd gladly accept the ATM fee. She grinned and said, “Sir, that's the total for the three beers.”
Take home message& Drinks are cheap in Austin!

ADHERENCE IS KEY- change behavior, environment, or program
Soohee Lee is a recognized presenter on the topics on fat loss, body building competitions, reverse dieting and lots more*. A neat slide that she presented addressed the importance of adherence. I've discussed similar patterns with clients and diets. Consider the following situation.

Gaston wants to lose fat, so he tries the following diets:
Diet A: Shake And Bake the Fat Away.
Current mindset: Going through a divorce, lost his dog, financially struggling, and depressed.
Outcome: Fails

Diet B: The Rocky Mountain Oysters Diet.
Current mindset: Huge work deadline due in six weeks, commuting four hours a day, sleeping five hours, smoking, and drinking excessively.
Outcome: Fails

Current mindset: Has a new girlfriend, got a 30k raise at work, humping nightly, sleeping eight hours, and is walking to work.
Outcome: Success- loses 25lbs

What's the difference? His mindset. If each of the diets were the exact same, Gaston would be at an advantage to lose fat on the LETS GOOOOOOOOOOO diet because his S.P.I.N.E. was right, not the diet.
Take home message… Instead of looking at the macros, or exercise program, maybe we should spend more time addressing the Psychological aspect of the S.P.I.N.E.

Since 1970, the average American is eating an extra 450 calories per day, and moving less (150 calories). That adds up to an additional 600 calories per day. Over the course of a month, that's an 18k in calories (roughly five pounds of fat.) My approach may be a little extreme, but I don't address nutrition until a client can adhere to an exercise program for at least a month- that means winning the week for four consecutive weeks. The weight room is where bodies are made, not the kitchen. Whoever came up with that adage, “Abs are made in the kitchen” is a moron. Knowing my luck, it was some giant tool with a double Ph.D. in Dietetics, and Muscular Hypertrophy, so maybe I should tread lightly? No, it's still a stupid saying. Your diet can take a back seat when you're training optimally (less than ten reps, training each muscle twice per week, and changing the plan every two-three months.) The problem is that most people don't train this way. If you're hitting the main muscle groups (legs, chest, back, and shoulders) twice a week, while progressively increasing the intensities, and volume, you'll be set for the unicorn train. More muscle = a greater storage capacity for fuel. Muscle is a higher metabolic tissue, so the extra calories will be spent building muscle, not storage for fat.

Take home message&We're fat: move properly, learn the behavior, overload progressively, and then fix nutrition.
* Soohee and Layne Norton have a great podcast addressing nutrition, and the psychological struggles that accompany competing in a bikini/physique/powerlifting contest. Make sure to give them a listen.

We met some amazingly bright Ph.D.'s, doctors, and scientists on our trip- networking 101 accomplished. One of my favorite quotes is that if you're the smartest person in the room, you're in the wrong room. Each and every time I attend a conference, it's a humbling experience.
The capacity for mental, and personal growth is exponential. Challenging ourselves daily, weekly, and monthly makes us better people. In my stubborn, tough love opinion, people are soft today, and settle for mediocrity. In Austin, I met some of the most intelligent people in years. With that being said, we had A LOT of fun. Every day of learning was followed by a night of tipping the bottle back. I love seeing the true colors in people come out after a few whiskeys. During fun time, if anyone went into science mode, “SHOTS, LET'S GOOO!” There's a time and place for intellectual banter, the Austin bar scene wasn't meant for that. We made a lot of friends.
Take home message: Scientists can drink, but not nearly as much as a Chico boy and US Ranger.

Why don't people use the word Hunk more? Well screw you, I'm bringing it back! In California, I rarely get approached by females, I have to initiate the contact; false, Jimmy and Joe do. In Texas, girls stop by, drop off a note, kiss you on the cheek, and say, “Call me.” Now that's a #Gamechange!!!!

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