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Sleek, Sexy Arms; Even for Men!

Mar 02, 2012


As a follow up to my article on Sexy Legs, let me teach you about the arms so you can mold them into something beautiful! The arm consists of three muscles: the deltoid, which has three parts (anterior, medial and posterior), bicep brachii and the tricep brachii. These three muscles are fairly small in size when compared to your legs, chest and back. So let's avoid isolating them unless you are a competitive body builder.

Some guys want those beach arms – please don't flex and tell me the beach is that way. A number of ladies want Angela Jolie's arms (think Tomb Raider) and are deathly afraid of gaining size. If you read my articles, then you understand the importance of exercising your legs 3-5 times a week. If you choose not to do legs every day, working other large muscles such as your back, chest and shoulders can closely replicate the same hormonal response. Start with multi-jointed exercises such as lunges, push-ups and cable rows because more than one joint is involved (shoulder and elbow joint during the push-up vs just the elbow during a bicep curl). The more joints involved, the more muscles engaged. The more muscles engaged, your heart has to beat faster and harder to fuel these working muscles. This effect will maximize your caloric expenditure and release optimal levels of hormones for growth.

Females lack the amount of testosterone so don't freak out and think you're going to turn into a she-male; not likely, you need surgery for that! Follow this routine and implement the previous leg or 30 minute workout for day 2; come back for day 3 which will be a killer cardio workout!

Killer arms: The following will be performed in a circuit style. Exercise 1, then immediately go into exercise 2, then 3, etc. with no rest. Rest for 1 minute after you complete round 1 and then depending on your energy, try to get through 5 rounds! This workout is meant for a moderate lifter. Read my split routine article for an explanation of beginner, moderate and advanced.
– Bench Press (you can do max push-ups instead)
– Assisted pull-up machine 12 reps (perform regular pull-ups if you can; max)
– Standing Arnold press 12 reps (just like the picture BUT stand up = more core)
– Bicep curl 12 reps per arm (stand on 1 leg for 12 then switch)
– Bench dip (add weight if its too light, see picture)
– Rest for 1 min or be a real champ and do 1 min of jump rope
Repeat x 3-5

If the weight can be performed more than the given rep amount (which is 12 for the previous exercises), make the weight heavier. Quiz question, what is volitional fatigue? Good job, I heard someone say it, or is that just a voice in my head? Lift each set to failure and exhaustion. Never, ever compensate form for weight. So, if you start compromising your lift, lighten the weight up.

Starting this month, we will be having a Q&A for clients as well as trainers. Send in your questions, so the master, aka Chrismaster can answer them!!!! Enjoy the week, smile an extra 5 times today, have more sex (science actually supports this because it relieves stress) and SHAKE AND BAKE!!!

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