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The 30 Minute Workout

Feb 29, 2012


How many times have you given yourself one hour to work out at the gym, but when it was all said and done, it lasted only 30 minutes? Whether it's traffic, meetings running late or annoying texts from your significant other telling you something mundane, e.g., “oh my God, the funniest thing just happen, a squirrel ran across the street and it looked at me!” Really? Your mood begins to change and now you are agitated because your workout has been cut short! Usually you would go in and flit around, resulting in a sub-par workout. Now that can change! Because you are one of our many loyal Show Up Fitness fans, now you will have NO EXCUSES for that crappy short workout. You can implement this workout anytime your day is rushed; whether you need that last minute workout for your upcoming hot date or you just want a little change.

30 Minutes of BLISS (If I say hell you will wimp out and not do it)
The workout will be a 30 minutes circuit, working the 7 main muscle groups and cardio intertwined (Legs, Chest, Back, Shoulders, Biceps, Triceps and Core). Rest when needed and if you ever get light headed or dizzy, take an extra breather. It is designed so you can ideally work the circuit 3 times through with zero rest periods! Start the lunges with bicep curls, then immediately drop down and do maximal push-ups and so forth. When you get to the aussie pull-ups, then start over and repeat as many times as possible in 30 minutes.

Lunges with bicep curls (find a weight you can perform 20 reps with; 10 reps per leg)
Max Push-Ups
30 seconds of Jumping Jacks
30 seconds of a plank
15 seconds of left side plank
15 seconds of right side plank
15 single bridges per leg (see picture and remember to push through your heel to maximize glute work)
Jump Squats (use light weight 5-10 lbs in each hand and be careful if you have knee / back problems)
Step – Ups with a shoulder press x 16 reps (8 per leg; the higher the step the more you work your butt)
Reverse Push-Up / Aussie Pull-up x 15 reps

Remember, try this on your time restricted days or any day that you want a change in the scenery. Hey, what type of BEE makes milk??? You stumped? Well I was, and then a student told me&. A BOOB-BEE!!!! As always, keep smiling, live in the present, listen to country music and SHAKE AND BAKE!!!!

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