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Best Fitness Magazine Out There&

Mar 06, 2012


Ever go to Barnes and Noble to find a good workout book or some valid fitness advice? Whatsbout trying to find useful fitness suggestions on the internet? Chances are that you have no ideawhom to trust because everyone who is aesthetically blessed claims to be a fitness expert!! Read my article on personal trainers in the industry! This will help catch you up on certifications in the industry and how to be cautious. The purpose of these articles are not to bash the fitness business, but rather to educate the reader with veracity vs. smoke and mirrors. If you continueto read these articles posted on Show Up Fitness, you will be one smart cookie!!

What to look for in a magazine? I sympathize with you because it's hard to filter through all the crap that's out there! I mean who doesn't want an Amazing butt in 5 easy moves? A Ripped 6 pack by summer! My favorite, “best orgasm by eating these tasty foods”& Tried it, didn't work! So what is the best fitness magazine on the newsstands today? Men's and Women's Health? Shape? My favorite Cosmo (seriously guys, this one is like having the key to the female's mind, read it!) The previous magazines are all right, but they cannot hold a candle to FitnessRx for men and women. I believe that this magazine is hands down the best for the following reasons: 1. Scientific research for roughly 35 pages. You will find competent, in-depth studies written by well respected scientists in journals such as: JSSM (Journal of Sports Science and Medicine), AJCN (American Journal ofClinical Nutrition) and the New England Journal of Medicine. 2. Well respected scientists make contributions to the editing. Dr. Fahey is a professor of Kinesiology at Chico State and the majority of the writers are CSCS (certified strength and conditioning specialists); they just need to hire me because I'm funny! Be hesitant when magazines have MDs as guest writers. Doctors are revered in our society, but just because someone is a doc doesn't make them a qualified individual in Kinesiology and Nutrition. With respect to pathology and how the body works, HELL YES, most doctors know their stuff. But when it comes to Kinesiology and Nutrition, leave that to the fitness experts, i.e., Kinesiologists and Registered Dieticians. 3. Muscle Specifics. Today, you do not find many magazines that actually break down human anatomy. FitnessRx devotes a small section to recognizing specific muscles during popular exercises such as the Back Row. They don't call the back just “Back.” They take the time via proper illustration to identify the Latissimus dorsi, Teres major and the bone structure such as the Ilium (pelvis) and Scapula (upper back bone). They have the same mantra as Show Up Fitness; Learn, Teach and then Train.

My number one pet peeve is people who call themselves, “fitness enthusiasts” and make unsupported claims about exercise, especially when they lack credentials. Sally Jones stated, “Soy protein is the best protein. I like it and it tastes great!” Sally has been exercising since she was 9 and loves to workout (not to mention Sally is air brushed by Photoshop whileextra enhancements stick out at ya)! Sorry Sally, that experience doesn't impress me. Familiarity does not make you a qualified instructor, schooling does.

All in all, there are a lot of great magazines on the market today. FitnessRx is a good read and it comes out 6 times a year ($4.99 per magazine). Flipping through other magazines and finding new exercises can always be fun. When it comes to the quality of the information, be more hesitant. Look for competent individuals who have great beards, an amazing sense of humor and smiles. Wait a second, I just described myself!!! Ok, well, besides my articles; look for people who are RDs when the information is about nutrition. Having a background in Kinesiology, CSCS and PhD's are great places to start. Just because someone has a PhD doesn't necessarily mean they are an expert when it comes to exercise. You might have to do some googling and research regarding their background. My dad has a PhD, but that's in psychology. When it comes to exercises he WAS Shrek #2. Luckily he reads all of my articles, implements my training protocols and trains consistently (he has lost 10 pounds of FAT in the past 2 months& BAM). Especially with the technology today, take a few minutes to research your readers. If you have the new Iphone, ask Siri; aka my future wife, she is amazing!! I always say its ignorance until someone teaches/explains it to you- after that, it's just stupidity. I am not calling any of you stupid, I mean you are reading my articles, but if you don't question who you are reading, you may be misinformed! Remember to “like us” on facebook and yelp. We appreciate all of the support. Keep smiling, laughing, skipping while you walk your dogs and SHAKING AND BAKING!!!!

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