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2 for 10, Then Drop It!!!

Feb 21, 2012


Just like the name implies, you will be doing 2 exercises in a super set fashion for 10 sets followed by a drop set. This isn't as easy as it sounds, Bub! To maximize your results with this workout, you will be doing a full *pyramid set with no rest. On set 10, you will do a drop set aka strip set (strip or lower the weights offfor another 2-3 sets to complete exhaustion.) This workout is to help overcome that tedious plateau of yours and help you achieve maximal results. The following workout is not for a beginner.

* A pyramid set will look like this: Set 1: 15 reps, Set 2: 12 reps, Set 3: 8 reps, Set 4: 3 reps, Set 5: 3 reps, Set 6: 6-8 reps, set 7: 8-10 reps, Set 8: 10-12 reps, Set 9: 15 reps, Set 10: 15 reps followed by a drop set – lower the weight and continue to max out on repetitions.

Strength Training 101 – the rep ranges. You will be covering the 3 rep ranges during this workout so let me educate you properly. Endurance: 12 or more reps, less than 60 second rest periods. Hypertrophy: 6-12 reps with 1-3 minutes of rest. Strength & Power: 1-5 reps with 3-5 minutes of rest.

How many times have you lifted a weight and the first repetition mimics the last one? If this is you, stop it – your annoying me with your mediocrity! We need to practice exercising until volitional fatigue. Oh, look at that fancy word; what the hell does that mean! Probably one of the biggest fundamentals of resistance training is to lift each set to failure and exhaustion aka volitional fatigue. In laymen's terms, your last rep should be extremely difficult and probably consider having a spotter.

Want to get into the best shape of your life? There are 3 possible ways. Number 1, hire a Show Up fitness personal trainer. Number 2, train with a buddy or friend who is in better shape than you. Number 3, clone me! I'm going to suggest methods 1-2. So, just because you do a set of 10 doesn't necessarily mean you are in the Hypertrophy range UNLESS you cannot do another rep. Start implementing this style of training ASAP! Ask someone for a spot, don't be shy! Guys, you will get into better shape and probably end up meeting some cool people. Girls, you will probably get some amazingly horrid pick up lines which are always comical on girls' night out, e.g., “If I had a garden I'd put your two lips and my two lips together,” or, one of my favorites, “do you believe in love at first sight or do I need to walk by twice”? Enter Quagmire from Family Man, “gigidy gigidy.” In the end, if you don't push yourself to complete fatigue, you are essentially cheating yourself! As always, be safe.

The Workout:
Day 1: Chest & Back
Bench Press & Cable Rows
Bench press for 15 reps, then you immediately walk to the cable row machine and perform 15 reps. Rest for 30 seconds (which should basically be the time to walk back to the bench, add weight and then begin set 2.) If you begin to get light headed, too fatigue, or winded, just take some extra rest. Use water breaks when needed and feel free to add in core exercises such as planks for active rest breaks.
Day 2: Legs & Biceps
Squats & Biceps
Day 3: Shoulders & Core
Arnold Press & Planks
Day 4: Legs & Triceps
Lunges then Triceps Extensions
Day 5: Cardio (come back soon for one of my amazingly awesome cardio workouts)
Try this routine for 4-6 weeks and watch your strength gains shoot through the roof! There are numerous methods for training properly and this is just one of my amazingly awesome programs – I find it easier to give yourself compliments instead of waiting for others. It's so much easier and I thoroughly enjoy my compliments rather than the mundane ones from others! Relax! I'm not that much of a braggart, just on Monday's! Remember to call your parents and tell them you love them, be a great friend and as Ricky Bob said it best, SHAKE AND BAKE!!!!!

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