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How to get hired at ANY gym SUF-CPT

Apr 18, 2023


How to get hired at ANY gym


What's the best gym to train at? IT DEPENDS! There are hundreds to thousands of personal training certifications, what managers and gym owners want are HELP NICK (I discuss this acronym in my book How to Become A Successful Personal Trainer BUY HERE & please leave a review.)

Confidence and Experience

Arguably, the two most important characteristics for success as a personal trainer within HELP NICK are confidence and experience. For most, it's inevitable to experience impostor syndrome (DON'T USE THIS WORD – IT SETS YOU UP FOR FAILURE) because you lack confidence. Think about it, the average personal trainer studies a textbook and then all of a sudden is supposed to be prepared to start training people? That's why Show Up Fitness CPT is the best certification in fitness. It prepares you for the life of a trainer and helps you build confidence.

Do not walk into a gym with your tail between your legs – SHOW UP WITH A SMILE & STURDY HANDSHAKE. Managers want to see confidence, they don't care about what certification you have (for the most part.)

We have helped more trainers get hired at Equinox / Lifetime Fitness and place in the top 20 company-wide in sessions rendered compared to any company or association. If you want to become a trainer and train at an elite gym& WATCH THIS VIDEO

The Best Fitness Certification

Show Up Fitness CPT is where great trainers are made. You can become a certified personal trainer in-person in LA or San Diego and online as the classes are live and then recorded for on-demand within the Show Up Fitness APP. You can become a qualified personal trainer from anywhere in the world!

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