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Preseason Tennis Player Strength Training Program CSCS Prep

Apr 15, 2023


Preseason Tennis Player

Strength Training



If you are trying to become a strength coach, SUF-CSCS can you help you pass within 60-days. We have a 100% success rate for those who have completed the SUF-CPT. In our weekly calls (Mon & Thur 2pm pst) LIVE and recorded for on-demand within the Show Up Fitness App, you will be prepared to take and pass the CSCS within 60-days.

Become a Strength Coach


In order to take the CSCS, you need a college degree (in 2030 sports related degree). There are a lot of certified personal trainers who want to learn more about periodization and advanced programming (DO NOT GET THE NASM PES – it's a take home test and a complete joke.) AT Show Up Fitness, our CSCS course allows ANY certified personal trainer to learn more about advanced programming even if you DO NOT WANT TO TAKE THE CSCS – you can still become a strength coach. Upon signing up, you will be given the NEEDS ANALYSIS PROJECT which requires you to choose an athlete and start designing a 6-week program. Here's an example for designing a program for a preseaon tennis player from instructor BaRack Little.

Case Study for Tennis player

Great strength coaches begin with a Needs Analysis, which is the initial assessment protocol when starting with a new athlete (great article here from science for sport.) Without a needs analysis, it will be tough to ensure the programming is within parameters to progress an athlete and their overall performance. It consists of the evaluation of the sport being played, as well as an assessment of the individual athlete:

  • Evaluation of the sport

    • Movement analysis

      • Determine the proper movement patterns and muscle actions of the sport

    • Physiological analysis

      • Determine the proper energy system(s) of the sport and the breakdown of each one percentage wise

    • Injury Analysis

      • What are the most common injuries in the sport and how can we work to prevent them?

  • Assessment of the individual athlete

    • Training status

      • Where is the athlete currently at fitness wise and how long have they been exercising?

    • Physical testing and evaluation

      • Need accurate pre-program parameters in order to create the program and set goals

    • Primary goals

      • An athlete will usually have other goals outside of the common sport goals (e.g. want to gain/lose weight). Important to prioritize goals based on season (periodization)

Common Tennis Injuries

  • Tennis Elbow – Our Physical Therapist Partners, The Prehab Guys have a great article HERE!

  • Low Back Pain

  • Ankle Sprains

  • Tennis Knee

  • Rotator Cuff (to become a SUF-CPT you need to know the 17-muscles around the shoulder and be able to pronounce the words properly!)

  • Evaluation of the sport

    • Movement analysis

      • Movements of sport (tennis): All planes of motion with an emphasis on frontal plane stability and transverse. Unilateral overhead explosive movements and lateral shuffling,

    • Muscle actions/involvement: Triple extension of the hip (unilateral emphasis), humeral extension & horizontal abduction.

  • Physiological Analysis

    • Energy systems used for tennis are all 3, but primarily phosphagen and glycolytic, as the main requirements are power (expressed through quickness & explosiveness), strength, and sometimes anaerobic capacity. The breakdown would be roughly 70% PCr, 20% glycolysis (primarily fast glycolysis) and 10% oxidation.

Strength Training Program

for a tennis player


Dynamic Warm-Up hitting the 10-checkpoints of human movement.

  1. Split Squat 3×5/ leg

    a. Lateral Med Ball Twist 3/8 per side

    b. Stability Ball Roll outs 3/ 10-15 seconds

    After b, rest 2-3 minutes and repeat for 3 working sets (the first set is a warm-up)

  2. Single Leg RDL 3x 6 per leg

    a. Landmine Press 3×8-10 per side

    b. Cable rotation twists 3/10 per side

After b, rest 1-3 minutes and repeat for 3 working sets

3. Curtsy Lunge 3x 8/ side

a. Bent Over Rows 3x 12

b. Farmers Carry 3x 1 min

4. Accessory / MET CON work Copenhagen Planks, Jumping Jacks, Wrist Curls x 3 rounds

If you want to become a strength coach, sign up for our weekly calls that are LIVE and recorded for on-demand with the Show Up Fitness App.

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