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How to get hired at Equinox | Show Up Fitness CPT the BEST fitness certification

Feb 01, 2023


How to get hired at Equinox

Show Up Fitness CPT

the BEST fitness certification

As of 2023, Equinox is considered one of the best gyms in the world with 109 facilities. In the USA, it's one of the 4 big box corporate gyms (Lifetime Fitness, 24-hour fitness & LA Fitness.) If you want to become a successful personal trainer (READ THE BOOK HERE) you need to be competent where trainers lack: anatomy, programming and the assessment. 90% of textbook trainers quit within 12-months of getting certified and it's because they understand their body, not the human body.

Show Up Fitness has helped HUNDREDS of trainers get hired at Equinox and currently have the top trainers at Equinox gyms in: Santa Monica, Miracle Mile, West Hollywood, Berkeley, San Francisco, Miami, Chicago, New York, and Carlsbad (San Diego.) If you want to get hired at one of the best gyms in the world, Equinox, Show Up Fitness will help you.

How to get hired at Equinox

1- Resume. If you have one certification, the likelihood of getting hired is slim. Managers at elite gyms like Equinox want to see diversification. If you only have NASM / ACE / ISSA – I'd say you have less than 10% chance of getting hired. At Show Up Fitness CPT we teach you how to program via NSCA, ACSM CAD Risk Stratifications and if you want to juggle foam rollers on a Bosu Ball, we give you a basic understanding in the NASM curriculum – you can put all of this on your resume. Even better, the SUF-CPT is an internship which will tell the manager that you have guided supervision and work well with others. Do not make your resume over 1-page, do not put jobs that are less than one year and if you have gone through Show Up Fitness, use me as a reference – I guarantee I'll get you hired (just send me a nice bottle of Weller bourbon please.)

2- Interview. Confidence & experience is what hiring managers and recruiters want to SEE and HEAR. There are so many trainers who have experience and not competent, BUT have a fake confidence. If you don't have a lot of experience, you need to highlight the best that you have. For example, you may have completed the SUF-CPT and not had a client pay you, YET. That doesn't mean you haven't trained clients for three years in the area of fat loss, hypertrophy and injury rehab. Haven't you trained a buddy, mom or significant other before? Use these examples as experience. The interview is just weeding out the incompetent.

3- ASK GREAT QUESTIONS. Be able to answer all of the managers questions (I go through the entire interview process in my book) BUT you need to have questions for management, here are a few questions I like to ask hiring managers:

– What is the fastest someone became the number one trainer? I want to know what I need to beat.

– What is a trait that you currently have that you didn't before this job?

– If you could go back to day one as a trainer, what would you do differently?

– What is a stream of revenue that Equinox is NOT optimizing right now that you think they should implement?

– Who are three people that you follow and why?

GET PEOPLE TO THINK. At the end of it all, if you want to become a personal trainer at Equinox, Lifetime, 24-Hour or Crunch, here is what they want:

– Someone who is coachable

– Knows their WHY

– Looks the part

– Talks the part

– Open to learning

– Eager to be at the gym ALL THE TIME (you do, right?)

– Wants to achieve the best version of themselves.

Equinox is a great gym to work at. I think all trainers should get a membership to see the professionalism and state-of-the-art facilities. If you want to become a trainer at Show Up Fitness, you must have your SUF-CPT and worked at least 6-months at Equinox. We charge $125-250+ per training session. Trainers can develop and optimize their streams of revenue and potential for gym ownership. If you want to become the best, you need to SHOW UP!

Do you want to become

a trainer?

Show Up Fitness CPT has the best personal training certification. After you complete the 2-month online / in-person (San Diego / Los Angeles) course, we have a 2-month nutrition course (SUF-NC), mentorship program (SUF-MP) and advanced programming with the SUF-CSCS. 90% of textbook personal trainers quit within 12-months, NOT AT SHOW UP FITNESS.

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