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Become a Trainer: SUF-CPT Challenge Glutes & Hamstrings

Jan 30, 2023


SUF-CPT Glutes

Hamstrings CHALLENGE

SUF-CPT – The BEST fitness certification.

To become a Show Up Fitness personal trainer (SUF-CPT), you need to know the three muscles of the glutes and three hamstring muscles. The glutes are NOT A MUSCLE, they're a group of 3-muscles; the hamstrings are NOT A MUSCLE, they're also a group of three muscles:


In your story, name the muscles of the GLUTES & HAMSTRINGS while holding a glute bridge. While you're at it, read for 5-minutes the BOOK OF THE MONTH – DECIDE by Steve McClatchy.


1- Gluteus Maximus – Largest posterior muscle that extends, externally rotates, abducts (upper fibers), posterior tilts pelvis (lower fibers)

2- Gluteus Medius – Abduction. Internal rotation (Anterior fibers); external rotation (posterior fibers)

3- Gluteus Minimus – Abduction

The iliotibial band (ITB) is a very thick band of fascia with insertion points of fascia from the gluteus maximus, gluteus medius and tensor fasciae latae. Next time you “foam roll your IT-band” just understand you are not releasing this tough connective tissue, you are actually rolling the very sensitive vastus lateralis.


1- Biceps Femoris – Hip extension, knee flexion and knee external rotation when flexed (most lateral hamstring muscle.) The short head of the BF acts only on the knee joint while the long head acts at both (bi-articulate.)

2- Semitendinosus – Hip extension, knee flexion and knee internal rotation when flexed.

3- Semimembranosus – Hip extension, knee flexion and knee internal rotation when flexed (think most medial for the M.)

Learn more about hamstring anatomy and injuries from our partners The Pre Hab Guys HERE

Read more about the hamstrings anatomy from Physio-pedia

SUF-Mentorship Program (SUF-MP)

To pass your Show Up Fitness Mentorship Program (SUF-MP) you need to know the 60-muscles that we highlight in the class (review the 60-muscles here)

Hip Extensors – BG ASS

1- Biceps Femoris

2- Gluteus Maximus

3- Adductor Magnus (posterior fibers)

4- Semitendinosus

5- Semimembranosus

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