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SWIFT or SWOT? What's Better? SUF-CPT & Goal Setting

Jan 10, 2023



What's Better?

SUF-CPT & Goal Setting

Top business schools suggest a SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) before opening any business, but SUF disagrees (how to start a gym with a SWOT analysis.) A SWOT analysis lacks action based principles, where is the accountability? Another reason we don't like the SWOT is because we've been doing them regularly since 2015 and in NASM's 7th edition textbook, they decided to COPY Show Up Fitness and put it in their first section! We couldn't allow for people to think we were copying, so we decided to create something better. Welcome to the SWIFT ANALYSIS.


Strengths, Weaknesses, Improvements / Implementation / Innovation, Fears, Threats.

Before you begin a SWIFT, make sure to give yourself a 30-minute break in your schedule to really think, reflect, and analyze every portion within the framework. DO NOT RUSH this exercise or make it generic, the more thought and intent that you invest into this exercise, the better off your career as a trainer will be.


A strength isn't how big your biceps are, it's something that moves the needle forward. The ability to network with medical professionals would be a strength. Highlight 3-5 of your strengths NOW.

Strength examples: Friendly, energetic, early bird, disciplined, intelligent, great physical shape.


A common problem I see with weaknesses is highlighting too many of them. However many strengths you have, that is the MAXIMAL number of weaknesses. In other words, I don't want to see 5-weaknesses and only 3 strengths. I suggest highlighting 1-2 glaring weaknesses that you want to improve. These should be things that we eventually want to turn into a strength. Jot down 1-2 weaknesses that you want to change in 2023.

Weakness examples: Procrastinator, uninspired, unorganized, streams of revenue, not certified.

Action based I's (Improve, Implement, Innovate)


What is something that you truly want to improve? It could be a weakness that you mentioned earlier or something entirely different. For example, a weakness could be that you're inexperienced, but something you want to improve is your fear of failure.

Things to improve: Screen time, snoozing, response time to emails, posting to social media.


What can you do TODAY that is action based that'll make your boat go faster? You can create a schedule to be more structured (dedicate 15-minutes per day to post to your social media.) Set a goal for the week on how many reach outs you want to achieve by Friday (in our Mentorship Program I challenge students to send out 25-emails / direct messages per week.)

Things to implement TODAY: A specific number of reach outs, one story post more than I did in 2022, four hours per week writing potential client programs to sell for $99 (dedicating time for another stream of revenue.)


How much money do you make per month / year from nutritional coaching? How much do you make from referrals to physical therapists or dietitians? How much do you make from YouTube? Show Up Fitness – Nutritional Coach(SUF-NC) and Mentorship Program (SUF-MP program) will help you make an extra $5,000-10,000+ per year.

At Show Up Fitness we suggest a 60-30-10 revenue split. It's up to you to decide what these three streams are and it could look something like this: 60% of your revenue comes from 1-1 personal training, 30% from online coaching and 10% from nutritional coaching.

Things to innovate TODAY: Online programming, nutritional coaching, accountability services, referral network, SWAG, YouTube / Instagram. If you are not training ANY clients OR making less than $2,500 per month, your focus should be that before you put too much on your plate.


Fear of failure, looking stupid, not knowing enough, imposture syndrome – I've heard it all. These are NORMAL experiences, but your lack of action is what separates you from the successful trainers. Paralysis by analysis is the real problem, not the fact that you do have these ANT's (automatic negative thoughts).

Things to conquer your FEAR's today: DO WHAT SCARES YOU. The more you act, the less fear you will experience. Surround yourself with people who have done what you want to do (mentorship.) Find people who are in similar situations to help calm your anxieties (internships or support groups.)


Threats are competitors. Recognize who they are and where they are at. Do not let the reflection affect your action or momentum. NASM / ACE / ISSA are a competitors to Show UP Fitness – CPT. We implement a SWIFT on their businesses to see where we are better so we can act.

Threats: Do a Google search for trainers near you and do a SWIFT. If you work at Equinox or a corporate gym, do a SWIFT on the top and bottom guys and girls. See what you can do to take over the top spot.

Who's at your table?

In his book Your Next Five Moves, Patrick-Bet David talks about a giant mural that he had painted in his office with people who inspired him. From this, I created a table that I go to in my mind when I need advice. Who would you want advice from? They can be alive or passed – but you should have a sound board or safe place that you can go to really reflect on your future. A table full of successful people will give you the guidance and action that is needed.

Want help with your SWIFT

Show Up Fitness Certified Personal Trainer (SUF-CPT) has monthly SWIFT calls reviewing LIVE during zoom calls which are recorded and put on-demand in our APP. If you want to become a successful personal trainer, Show Up Fitness CPT is the BEST fitness certification.

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